Velvety Tomato Basil Soup


Tomato – 10 Nos


oil – 1 tsp


Bay Leaf – 1 No 

Onion – 2 Nos


Salt – 2 Tsp

Pepper Powder – 1 Tsp

Jaggery – 1 Tsp

Basil Leaves


1. Chop the ripe tomatoes and keep it aside.

2. To a pan add, oil.

3. Add garlic, bay leaves and onion. Cook unitl the onions become translucent.

4. Now add chopped carrots and saute for few mins.

5. Now add the tomatoes and toss it.

6. Season the tomatoes with salt and pepper.

7. Cook the tomatoes for 3 mins and add 500 ml of water.

8 Cover and cook the tomatoes for 15 mins until they become mushy.

9. After 15 mins, turn off the stove and let the mixture cool down.

10. Remove the bay leaf and add the cooled mixture to a mixer jar and grind it.

11. Now pass it through a sieve to get a smooth mixture.

12. Pour the filtered mixture in to the pan and heat it.

13. Add jagggery to balance the flavours and season it with pepper and basil.

14. Simmer the soup for about 5 mins.

15. Hearty tomato soup is ready.

Benefits of This Recipe:

  1. Rich in Antioxidants: Tomatoes are packed with lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that may reduce the risk of chronic diseases and promote skin health.
  2. Immune Boost: Garlic and onions contain compounds that support immune function and help fight off infections.
  3. Heart-Healthy: The combination of tomatoes, carrots, and basil provides nutrients that support heart health, including potassium and vitamin C.
  4. Digestive Support: Carrots are rich in fiber, aiding digestion and promoting gut health.
  5. Low-Calorie Option: With minimal added fats and sugars, this soup is a nutritious and low-calorie option for those watching their weight.

Nutritive Value:

  • Tomatoes: High in vitamin C, potassium, and antioxidants, tomatoes support heart health, immune function, and may reduce the risk of certain cancers.
  • Carrots: Rich in beta-carotene, fiber, and potassium, carrots promote vision health, support digestion, and contribute to overall well-being.
  • Onions: Low in calories and high in antioxidants, onions offer anti-inflammatory properties and may help lower cholesterol levels.
  • Garlic: Known for its immune-boosting properties, garlic contains sulfur compounds that may provide various health benefits, including heart health and improved immune function.
  • Bay Leaf: Contains vitamins A and C, as well as various minerals, bay leaves offer digestive benefits and may help reduce inflammation.
  • Jaggery: A natural sweetener, jaggery provides iron and other minerals while adding a hint of sweetness to balance the flavors of the soup.
  • Basil Leaves: Rich in vitamin K, basil leaves offer anti-inflammatory properties and may help reduce oxidative stress in the body.
  • Salt and Pepper: Used in moderation, salt adds flavor while pepper provides a kick of heat and contains antioxidants.

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