Nails Growth Faster Natural Treatments

You’ve had nails for a long time. In fact, you started growing nails before you were even born! Nails are made of dead cells. Important part of your body. Nails protect your fingers and toes. Also, the look of your nails sometimes can help doctors tell if you are healthy or sick.

The first step in knowing how to grow nails faster is to know how to first make your nails healthy. Unless your nails are healthy, they would not grow no matter what you do. Instead of splurging your money on expensive treatments, it is best to fall back on tried and tested natural treatments.

Diet to grow nail Faster
Some specific diet changes can strengthen the nails and promote growth.
Those include:

• Yeast
• Sheep Liver and kidney
• Milk and curd
• Flaxseeds
• Eggs
• Tomatoes
• nuts and nut butters
• whole grains
• soya beans
• cauliflower
• bananas
• mushrooms
• Berries
• Sweet potato
• Spinach.
Taking above biotin,calcium,protein supplement daily can help strengthen nails.Above diet can help grow healthier and stronger hair,skin and nails. However, Taking the vitamin’s does improve the keratin.
(a basic protein that makes up hair, skin and nails).

Natural Treatments to grow nails faster.

• Olive oil,coconut oil,cuticle oil, flax seed oil,safflower oil

• These oils have anti-fungal properties that heal and strengthen nails.

Coconut Oil For Nails Growth Faster

One such natural treatment for how to make nails grow is the coconut oil. This treatments will moisturize your nails and make your cuticles strong. One of the simplest ways of using this ingredient is to simply massage your nails with warm coconut oil before going to bed every night.

Apply a few drops of any oil or combination of different oils such as: olive, coconut oil, cuticle oil or flax seed oil to each nail and then massage for a few minutes. Oils is a moisturizing product for your nails and can increase the circulation around your nails, stimulating nails to grow faster .

Olive Oil, Lemon Juice, n Salt Mixture For Nail Growth Faster

•In a small bowl of water dissolve 3-4 pinches of salt and a tablespoon of olive oil.

•Add a few drops of freshly-squeezed lemon juice or just plain orange juice.

•Soak your nails in a mixture of salt, lemon juice and olive oil, for 5 to 10 minutes.

You will soon say goodbye to weak, brittle nails, dry cuticles , yellowness of the nails and add shine to your nails.

Tomato Juice and Cuticle Oil For Nail Growth Faster

•A mixture of the juice of 1 tomato and 1 tbsp cuticle oil.

•Soak your fingers in this for 10-15 minutes, daily.

•Tomatoes are also very rich in vitamins A and C, which help in promoting nail grow strong, long , shiny naturally

Combination of different oils and other ingredients such as antioxidants because thick oils won’t absorb into your skin as well both Vitamin E and C, antioxidant absorb quickly into your skin. They help prevent nails from cracking, splitting, drying or brittleness.

Self-Care Tips to Grow Nails Stronger & Naturally

Avoid Putting Chemicals on Nails.
Keep the nails regularly cut, filed and in shape.
Exercise the hand few times a day.
Push back the cuticle with help of cuticle pusher or use a coin.
Get rid dry skin around the nails.
Dry cuticle tighten the nerve around our nail slowing nail growth.

Use paraffin petroleum gelly or cuticle oil or cream apply on cuticle.

Use sandwiches nail filers to avoid nail from breaking.

Use calcium base coat to make your nail stronger.

Nail sprays or remover or acetone make your nails weak.

Use oil base remover wipes for nail health.

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