Wheat Vegetable Chapatti


• 50% wheat flour
• 50% any seasonal vegetable (such as cucumber, bottle gourd, beetroot, carrot,
spinach, fenugreek (methi) leaves, coriander, pumpkin, ridge gourd (tori), or ash gourd)


STEP 1 Take one cup of any seasonal
vegetable (grated or blended) and one cup of
whole wheat flour (with the bran or choker).

STEP 2 Combine them together. Use water if
required. Make a dough and divide it into balls.
Dip the balls in wheat flour and flatten them.

STEP 3 Roll the balls into flat chapatis using
a rolling pin (belan).

STEP 4 Heat a clay tawa on a low flame and
cook the chapati. Do not use oil or ghee.

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