Refine Process Food

Refined items are bad for health.

We should avoid this all-white refined stuff that is chemically processed. We can replace these with other alternatives. This is very important to change our habits for a healthy lifestyle and it also helps in balancing our hormones.

White Refined Salt – We can use Rock Salt / Pink Salt / Himalayan Salt instead of White refined salt. Refined salt has much more iodine than we need in our daily food. There is no need to take extra iodine because we take it in our daily diet in the form of food, fruits, and vegetables. Also Rock Salt has some amount of iodine.

White refined Sugar – Other substitutes for refined sugar are Jaggery / Brown Sugar / Sugarcane Powder. This refined sugar is a sweet but slow poison that kills us slowly.

White Refined Flour – We should use wheat flour instead of white refined flour which is totally unhealthy. If you are taking this white refined flour daily, you can face issues like bloating, cancer, acidity, pain, fat, and other Stomach problems. Other healthy options are: Ragi / Bajra / Jawar / Gram Flour / Makki etc.

Refined Oil – Refined Oils are also not healthy. All these are chemically processed like Soyabean oil or any other. It’s better to use other options like Coconut oil, Ground Nut Oil, Mustard oil, Olive oil organic. And coconut oil is best for thyroid patients.

So these all items are very bad for our health. If we want to be healthy, fit, and willing to live a long life, Especially for thyroid patients, all these refined and processed items need to be avoided. If you will choose a substitute for these, your Health, Thyroid, and Hormone will definitely improve.

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