Brown Bread

Brown bread is healthier than white bread.

The calorie content of both brown bread and white bread is almost equal.

So you reach out to the multi-grain bread at a bakery with a vengeance, thinking it is a better option than the packaged white bread. But the brown bread, like it or not, is the biggest hoax. Various ingredients from coffee to edible color are packed in to give the bread the healthy shade you desire. The sugar content in the bread are the same as white and so is the All purpose flour[maida] content. Do your health a favor: always look for the words “100 percent whole wheat” or buy it from a trusted neighborhood bakery. The other reason it is considered healthier is because it contains more fiber and more nutrients such as vitamins, magnesium, folic acid, copper, zinc and manganese.

Health Benefits Of Wheat Bread:

Improves Bowel Movement

Prevents Heart Diseases

Lowers Risk Of Weight Gain

Improves Mental Health

Improves Digestion

1 slice of Brown Bread contain






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