Jump Rope Benefits

While most of us sweat it out at the gym for months at a stretch and do not even drop a stone, boxer Mary Kom shed two kilos in a matter of four hours at the recently concluded Silesian Open Boxing Tournament in Poland.

Before the regular weigh-in – the one where she picked up her third gold of the year – Kom weighed a little over 48 kgs and was at the risk of being disqualified. The five-time world champion, who is also an Olympic bronze medallist, had only about four hours to shed those extra kilos, and instead of shying away from the challenge she chose to face it.

But how could she have possibly dropped 2 kilos in 4 hours? “I did skipping for an hour at a stretch and just like that, I was ready”, Kom told PTI.

When you jump rope a few minutes per day, you’ll reap all of these life-improving rewards. Benefits begin at just 5 minutes a day:⠀

✅ Boost your metabolism⠀

✅ Burn more fat and calories than typical cardio

✅ Aids weight loss

✅Improves Coordination

✅Reduces injury risk

✅Strengthens bone density

✅Improved breathing

✅ Strengthen legs, glutes, calves

✅ Improve mood brain and heart function ⠀

MASTERY TAKES PRACTICE – If you haven’t mastered jump rope basics yet, don’t worry. The practice is the key to getting better & reaping more of the benefits. Anyone that you see is good at it, has put in the work. That’s what I always remind my clients.⠀

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