Unlocking Vitality: Adrenal Fatigue vs. Thyroid Problems – A Nutrition Guide

In this post I’m going to be covering some of the major symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue and Thyroid Problems, how they differ and then the foods that will be most beneficial for each.

Adrenal Symptoms

  • Tired in the morning
  • Tired after lunch (need of a nap)
  • Wakes up in the evening closer to bedtime
  • Craves salt
  • Difficulty sleeping (wakes at 2:00am trouble falling back to sleep)
  • Dark circles under eyes
  • Anxiety
  • Irritational fears
  • Belly fat

Thyroid Symptoms

  • Tired all day and night
  • Craves carbohydrates and sugar
  • Weight gain all over
  • Depression
  • Melancholy
  • Hair loss
  • Loss of the outer 1/4 of the eyebrows
  • Weak nails
  • Ridges in the nails

Adrenal Foods

The following are foods that help feed the adrenals when they are under stress.

3 Key Carbohydrates

  • Blueberries–highly anti-inflammatory
  • Black rice–similar antioxidant profile as blueberries and a great starch
  • Kiwi–very high in vitamin C, which is extremely important for adrenal health

3 Key Proteins

  • Hemp seeds–a complete vegetable based protein and highly anti-inflammatory
  • Wild caught sablefish–great source of protein and fantastic omega fat profile for inflammation reduction
  • Pasture raised eggs–perfect protein and fats for the production of adrenal hormones

2 Key Fats

  • Blackseed oil–super powerful anti-inflammatory fat that may help to reduce cortisol by reducing inflammation
  • Coconut oil–helps the adrenals make hormones

Thyroid Foods

The following are foods that help feed the thyroid to help healthy function.

3 Key Carbohydrates

  • Asparagus–great detoxifier
  • Sweet potato–high carotenoid levels
  • Apples–aid liver detox which can assist the conversion of T4 to T3

3 Key Proteins

  • Wild caught salmon–great source of protein and anti-inflammatory fats
  • Pasture raised eggs–high in iodine and tyrosine to manufacture thyroid hormone
  • Hempseeds–complete protein and high in tyrosine for thyroid hormone production

2 Key Fats

  • Brazil nuts
  • Olive oil–anti-inflammatory

Adrenal Rationale

The adrenals need quality fats that are higher in cholesterol or are saturated as all the adrenal hormones are made from cholesterol.


In addition, the adrenals are the anti-inflammatory glands of the body and it is inflammation that will stress and fatigue these glands over time.  So the adrenals require lots of anti-inflammatory foods like berries, hemp seeds and wild caught sablefish.

Thyroid Rationale

For the thyroid we want proteins that are high in the amino acid tyrosine because the thyroid needs tyrosine to manufacture iodine.   We also want foods high in selenium and iodine like eggs and brazil nuts.

Are you struggling with fatigue, weight gain, and other symptoms that just won’t go away? It could be linked to adrenal fatigue or thyroid problems. Let’s explore the differences and learn how nutrition can be your ally in restoring balance and vitality.

Adrenal Symptoms:

  • Feeling tired in the morning or after lunch? Craving salt and struggling with anxiety? These could be signs of adrenal fatigue, indicating stress on your adrenal glands.

Thyroid Symptoms:

  • On the other hand, if you’re tired all day and night, experiencing weight gain, and battling depression, you might be dealing with thyroid issues, affecting your metabolism and overall well-being.

Adrenal Foods:

  • To support your adrenals, focus on anti-inflammatory foods like blueberries and black rice. Incorporate protein-rich options such as hemp seeds and wild-caught sablefish to fuel hormone production. Don’t forget essential fats like blackseed oil and coconut oil to reduce inflammation and aid hormone synthesis.

Thyroid Foods:

  • For thyroid health, opt for detoxifying foods like asparagus and sweet potatoes. Ensure adequate protein intake with options like wild-caught salmon and pasture-raised eggs, rich in iodine and tyrosine crucial for thyroid hormone production. Supplement with selenium and iodine-rich foods like brazil nuts and olive oil to support thyroid function.

Adrenal Rationale:

  • Adrenals thrive on quality fats and anti-inflammatory foods to combat stress and inflammation. By nourishing them with the right nutrients, you can support optimal adrenal function and resilience.

Thyroid Rationale:

  • The thyroid relies on specific amino acids like tyrosine, selenium, and iodine for hormone production and conversion. By prioritizing foods rich in these nutrients, you can promote thyroid health and metabolic balance.

Conclusion: Understanding the symptoms and nutritional needs of adrenal fatigue and thyroid problems is key to reclaiming your vitality and well-being. By incorporating these targeted foods into your diet, you can support your body’s natural healing processes and embark on a journey towards optimal health and balance.

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