Although Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS is not life-threatening by
itself, it is attributable to a higher risk for more severe conditions, such as:
• Fertility disorders
• Type II diabetes
• Endometrial cancer
• Insulin resistance
• High blood pressure
• Cardiovascular disease
• High cholesterol


• Diet planning for PCOD is almost the same as for obesity (if there is weight
• Calculate the BMI of the female to categorize the diet planning
• Calculate TDEE and plan the calories as per the requirement
• Calculate the macros as below:
• Carbohydrates – 45-50%
• Proteins – 20%
• Fats – 30%

Nutrient Requirement in PCOS

• Other than macros, there are certain micros one should take care while
planning the diet
• Fix nutrient deficiencies (Vitamin D, Zn, omega 3, B12, Vitamin E, and Mg)

Vitamin D-rich foods

•Raw milk
•Cod liver oil

Zinc rich foods

•Pumpkin seeds
•Sesame seeds
•Wheat germ
•Dark chocolate

Omega 3-rich foods

Chia seeds
Flax seeds
Kidney beans

B12 rich foods

Red meat

Vitamin E-rich foods


Magnesium-rich foods

Dark chocolate
Pumpkin seeds
Black beans

A Healthful PCOS Diet Can Also Include The
Following Foods

• natural, unprocessed foods
• high-fiber foods
• fatty fish, including salmon, tuna, sardines, and mackerel
• kale, spinach, and other dark, leafy greens
• dark red fruits, such as red grapes, blueberries, blackberries, and cherries
• broccoli and cauliflower
• dried beans, lentils, and other legumes
• healthful fats, such as olive oil, as well as avocados and coconuts
• nuts, including pine nuts, walnuts, almonds, and pistachios
• dark chocolate in moderation
• spices, such as turmeric and cinnamon

Foods To Avoid

• In general, people on a PCOS diet should avoid foods already widely
seen as unhealthful. These include:
• Refined carbohydrates, such as mass-produced pastries and white bread.PCOS
• Fried foods, such as fast food.
• Sugary beverages, such as sodas and energy drinks.
• Processed meats like hot dogs, sausages, and luncheon meats.
• Solid fats, including margarine, shortening, and lard.
• Excess red meat, such as steaks, hamburgers, and pork.

PCOS Diet Plan Chart

PCOS Weight Loss Pyramid Step by Step

The PCOS Diet Do's and Don't


Focus on foods with a low glycemic load
Fruit: Cherries, grapefruit, apples, pears, berries, bananas
Vegetables: Most vegetables except potatoes
Lean meats and fatty fish (High in omega-3)
Always have good fats or protein with carbs


Avoid dairy it raises testosterone levels
Avoid gluten it causes inflammation and is often in high-GI foods
Processed foods will cause a spike in your insulin and should be avoided
Soy is a hormone disruptor and can delay ovulation
PCOS diet support

Sample Vegetarian Plan - PCOD

Seed Rotation For Hormonal Balance


Other Lifestyle Changes

• Lifestyle changes can also help people with PCOS manage the
condition. Research has shown that combining a PCOS diet with physical
activity can lead to the following benefits:
• weight loss
• improved insulin metabolism
• more regular periods
• reduced levels of male hormones and male-pattern hair growth
• lower cholesterol levels


1. Regular exercise
2. Yoga
Ardha salambhasana
Salamba sarvangasana
3. Keeping a check on mental health

Natural Treatment for PCOD

1. Amla– Amla can be eaten raw, powdered, or juiced. Women with PCOS are
advised to drink amla juice diluted in warm water in the morning daily. Amla is
power-packed with antioxidants and is a rich source of iron, calcium and
Vitamin C is one of the best fruits for PCOD.

2. Raw organic honey– Add a spoonful of honey along with a few drops of lemon
juice to a glass of warm water. This drink should be had on an empty stomach
early in the morning.

3. Flax seeds – They can be added to smoothies or simply had with a glass of warm
water daily.

4. Methi seeds – Methi seeds can be soaked overnight in water and had the next
morning. A fantastic addition to your Indian diet for PCOD, they can also be
boiled in water, filtered and had after it has been allowed to seep for at least 5 to
6 hours.

5. 1 tsp of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Raw and Unfiltered (With the Mother) in
a glass of warm water.


• Can PCOS be cured completely?
There is still no definite cure for PCOS. However, exercise, diet, and certain
medications can eliminate or decrease symptoms of PCOS.

• Are natural sugars safe for women with PCOS?
No, women with PCOS are advised to avoid even the most natural sources of sugar
such as coconut sugar and maple sugar from their PCOS diet plan as they contain
high amounts of fructose.
Stevia is considered a relatively safe sweetener for women suffering from PCOS.
This plant-based sweetener is completely free of glucose and fructose and can be
included as part of the Indian diet plan for PCOD in limited amounts.

• Should fats be eliminated from the PCOD diet completely?
No, fats should not be completely eliminated: they are a vital part of the Indian diet
during PCOD and should be had in appropriate quantities. Trans fats and
hydrogenated fats should, however, be avoided.
Healthy fats to consider in your PCOD diet food chart include avocados, oily fish,
olive oil and unsalted nuts and seeds.

• What are some safe dairy alternatives for women with PCOS?
Lactaid, a type of dairy milk that has lactose removed, is safe for women with PCOS.
Apart from this, soy milk is also a safe alternative.

• Can goods baked with almond or coconut flour be included in the PCOD
diet plan for weight loss?
While almond flour and coconut flour are healthier substitutes for refined white
flour as these flours are made from nuts. Nuts are calorie-dense and should,
therefore, be restricted or had only in limited quantities in your Indian diet for
As a healthier alternative, besan or chickpea flour has a low glycemic index and is,
therefore, safe to include in the diet chart for PCOS patients.

• Can a lack of sleep cause PCOS?
Lack of sleep can definitely aggravate symptoms of PCOS in women. Researchers
found that women who had disturbed or inadequate sleep were at a much higher risk
of having menstrual irregularities and developing insulin resistance.

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