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In this article, we look at the causes and effect of both the upper and lower respiratory tract infections due to coronavirus and discuss their symptoms, Natural guidelines and diet.
First and foremost, don’t panic. It seems scary when you see the news about the lockdown, new deaths, quarantines, isolation and travel bans, etc.
Upper respiratory tract infections differ from Lower respiratory tract infections. People with upper respiratory tract infections will feel the symptoms mainly above the neck, such as sneezing, headaches, flu, and sore throats. They may also experience body aches, especially if they have a fever.
Lower respiratory tract infection can affect the airways, such as with bronchitis, flu or the air sacs at the end of the airways, as in the case of pneumonia.
Flu infections can affect both the upper and lower respiratory tracts.

A sore throat is a very common COVID-19 symptom. It is one of the early symptoms that may develop due to COVID-19. Some other symptoms are also much more common. but It is often an early symptom effect by people because virus enter into your nose and throat first.

Bronchitis and Pneumonia:

Bronchitis is the inflammation of the bronchi, it is caused by a viral infection, the airways that connect the trachea [wind pipe] to the lungs, resulting in a cough that may produce considerable quantities of sputum [phlegm]. The disease is recognized as acute bronchitis [sudden onset and short duration]. More common in smokers and in areas with high atmospheric pollution. The disease results in narrowing and obstruction of the airways in the lungs.
Pneumonia, a severe lung infection, usually develops. At its most advanced stage, SARS causes failure of the lungs, heart, or liver.
Stimulates the production of mucus in the lining of the bronchi and thickness and those of the bronchioles airways.
Severe stage cause chest pain that sometimes travels to the tip of the shoulder on the involved side. The pain which is worse when breathing in arises because the two rubs inflamed membranous surfaces rub each other.
The virus can lead to pneumonia, respiratory failure, septic shock, strokes, and death.


The philosophy of yoga tries to establish the concept’ Mind over Body’. Hatha yoga (standing on the shoulder)induced cardio-respiratory response, is well-practiced by many. It is a method involving a highly developed scheme of exercise, feeding, and breathing practices to regulate the body’s desires. These practices help to achieve final integration of all thoughts.

Yogic discipline is commonly described under 4 broad groups. The technique of bodily health, controlling of breath, behavioral discipline and mental concentration.

Experimenters of yoga have found that respiratory responses were induced by pranayama a breathing yogic exercise.
Pranayama for Throat Care
The practice of pranayama for a healthy body and for your throat, we would recommend Simhasana Pranayama. You can perform this pranayama by getting in the cat-cow position. Let your stomach drop while your buttocks move up. Now look in front, roll out your tongue, and exhale sharply through your mouth. Do this every day for a clear and strong throat.


The heavy rains may have made matters worse. The drop in temperature caused by rain can lead to cold and flu.

Throat health:
A few things that you can do daily to boost your throat health. To makes our body healthier and stronger to fight off infections and this leads to faster recovery. Pollution, cough, and the seasonal flu cause havoc with our throats and affect our overall immunity. Amidst the pandemic, it becomes extremely important to not just recover from a sore throat but also make sure that we incorporate a routine in our life that enables us to stay healthy.

Treatment for sore throat:
• Boil Kalonji with hot water used in a gargle to relieve a sore throat.
• In fact, some studies indicate that boil Kalonji, pepper powder, and salt with hot water used in a gargle to relieve a sore throat. its antioxidants may protect against several types of chronic throat infection.
• Ginger and honey juice works wonder for sore throat and cough, nausea. Adding honey to ginger alleviates the antimicrobial property of the mixture. Both have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.
• A teaspoon of honey can instantly help relieve a sore throat.

Quick relief of Headaches and sinusitis problems:
• Rub kalonji oil or eucalyptus oil or rosemary oil on your forehead and use hairdryer instead of steam inhalation for instant relaxation, relief of headache, it can also reduce nasal congestion, and help those who suffer from sinusitis problems to disappear soon. Because kalonji is very effective against several types of viral infections.

Take a steam inhalation:

• Boil hot water with Kalonji seed and Menthol or eucalyptus oil or any balm with tulsi leaf. Steaming hot bowl of water with your face down over the water, drape a towel over the back of your head and inhale the steam, this will help in clearing a blocked nasal passage, fast and effective relief of muscular aches, headache, etc

Nasal congestion
• Add kalonji oil in boiling water and inhale the fumes, it can also reduce nasal congestion.
• Consuming the mixture of honey and kalonji helps strengthen your vital organs and bones.
• Chew few kalonji seeds daily for preventing the sudden onset of the asthma attacks, reduce symptoms of coughs, colds, and congestion.
• Chew few kalonji seeds daily for preventing the sudden onset of acute bronchitis and chronic bronchitis.
• Garlic contains a compound called allicin, It has antimicrobial property, helps boost our immunity.
Great natural food for cold and cough.

Drinking warm water:

According to Ayurveda, there are countless benefits of drinking warm water. It helps in digestion, improves blood circulation and, reducing stress. You can have do it the first thing in the morning and the last thing in the night so as to keep your respiratory tract free of all the oil from the food consumed during the day. Similarly, you can make it a practice to do salt warm water gargles at night.

Sana makki unani medicine:

Sana Makki leaf tea:
• Mix 200 ml of water with one tsp Sana Makki leaf boil it for 10 min. Add half tsp kalonji oil or kalonji, lemon juice and one tsp organic honey for taste, drink it hot first thing in the morning and the last thing at night before going to bed.

• Non-COVID people can take 1 tbsp Sana Makki leaves along with the equal quantity of dry neem leaves both powdered finely and consumed directly followed with hot water to swallow.

Turmeric tea

• Add 1 tablespoon turmeric powder, 1/2 tsp black pepper, 1 tsp honey, and ginger in a cup of milk. Let it heat for ten minutes consecutive 5 days would suppress the effects of corona.

• Add turmeric, ginger, and clove juice with 1 tsp honey in a cup of milk. Let it heat for ten minutes. Stir and sip twice in a day! great natural treatment for cold and cough.

3 Days flu Diet therapy

Flu infections can affect both the upper and lower respiratory tracts. A three-days diet plan to strengthen the body’s immunity to help fight any kind of flu virus.
According to the formula (bodyweight of patient/ [divided by 10] no. of glasses of juice).

• Day 1: (liquid)

6 glasses of fresh citrus fruit juice.

It could be sweet lime, orange, or pineapple juice. don’t filter it, Size of one glass 24 ml. Don’t use packed juice.
• Weight of patient (kg)/10 (Formula)
• Eg. 60 kg/10=6
• Weight of patient (kg)/10
• Eg. 60 kg/10=6
6 glasses of coconut water
The same number of glasses of coconut water is also to be consumed alternatively with citrus juices the entire day.

Sip the one glass juice in 15 min. Note the time because it is medicine, not a diet. (drink it slowly)
Weakness get the decrease, the temperature slowly come down.

• Day 2: (fluid)
Breakfast and Lunch
• Weight of the patient(kg)/[divided by 20]
• Eg. 60 kg/20=3
• 3 glasses of citrus fruit juice
• Weight of the patient(kg)/20
• 3 glasses of coconut water
• Weight of the patient x 5
• Eg. 60 kg x 5= 300 gm
• Gram of tomato + cucumber
If want, drink water in day 2
Your temperature will decrease
For example: If a person weight 80 Kgs, then by using the formula, the number of glasses to intake makes is 4.
• 6 glasses of the citrus fruit juice plus 6 glasses of coconut water along with a certain amount of tomato and cucumber.

• Day 3: (solid)
Break fast:
• Weight of the patient (kg) /30
• Eg.60 kg/30=2
• 2 glasses of citrus fruit juice
• 2 glasses of coconut water

• Weight of the patient(kg) x 5
• 60 kg x 5=300 gm
• Gram of tomato+cucumber

• Normal home-cooked food
For all kind of flu, this formula will work.
From this treatment above 4000 corona patient get treated.

• After day 3
After day three continue 2 grams of Vitamin C daily – one guava, two oranges, three mangoes, four tomatoes or a handful of peas and coconut water with homemade diet.
Avoid animal protein, including dairy products – this should guard you at least 80% against chances of the flu, ‘’Yes, it’s the only option for us to fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Principles of diet:

A high calorie, high protein, high vitamins and minerals, high fluid, low fat, high carbohydrate, low fiber, a soft diet is recommended.

Dietary suggestions:

At first clear fluid, a soft diet is suggested. On liquid diets, the patients may not meet high calorie and high protein requirements. Water balance and liquid diets are helpful in meeting water and electrolyte requirements.
Refined cereals, bread, boiled potato, oatmeal porridge, steam vegetable soups, chapatti without oil, thin dal curries. Avoid all irritating fibers and spices in the diet.

Dietary Management:

• Patients have poor appetite initially food must be appetizing and patient’s likes and dislikes must be considered.
• During the acute stage a high-calorie fluid and soft diet are prescribed.
• Initially small quantities of fluid diet should be given once in three hours. When the fever comes down the interval can be increased to every 4 hours.

• With medication patients improve. There will be no fever and cough but due to the catabolic process, the patient is emaciated. Hence, a high calorie and high protein diet should be given. One liter of milk and 3 to 4 eggs per day are given.
• As the patient progresses, normal, attractive, and palatable food should be given. The patient should come back to the ideal weight. Rest, fresh air and good nutrition are the key elements for recovery from coronavirus.

Vitamin-C & Vitamin-D may protect against COVID-19

Vitamin C can relieve upper respiratory tract infections and other illnesses. Having lemon juice in hot water can help reduce the phlegm. Green vegetables and fruits are some of the easily available sources of Vitamin C.
Sources: it is found abundantly in citrus fruits like orange, lemon, tomato, pineapple, papaya, grapes, guava, apples, bananas, vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, green peas, beans spinach, properly sprouted pulses, germinating grams, etc. it provides resistance powers against toxins and stress conditions.

Vitamin D may protect against COVID-19 in two ways:
First, it may help boost our bodies’ natural defense against viruses and bacteria. Second, it may help prevent an exaggerated inflammatory response, it reliefs from some illness.

Good food sources of vitamin D include fatty fish (such as tuna and salmon), foods fortified with vitamin D (such as dairy products, soy milk, and cereals), cheese, and egg yolks. Our bodies make vitamin D when exposed to sunshine for 5 to 10 minutes. Milk contributes to the vitamin D requirement

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