Chronic Disease Reversal Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Do you know that 1 in 5 people in India are suffering from high blood pressure?

80 million people! Now you may be thinking how does it matter? I’m just another one among 80 million people.

How does it matter? It may not matter now, but it will matter 10 years from now

when this blood pressure takes the form of heart blockage, which will force you to go through bypass surgery

Because of this blood pressure, you may have to make so many hospital trips, waste so much money,

and your family will go through so much pain dealing with your condition Why put yourself in so much danger and live so fearfully when the solution is in your hands?

With a simple lifestyle, you can get rid of your high blood pressure without any medication

In this post’s first part, you get to find out the root cause of high blood pressure The root cause that no one is talking about today

And in the second part of this post, we’ll share a detailed morning routine and food plan that you can follow to fully control your blood pressure in just 21 days

Don’t take my word for it! Here are some stories shared by people just like you who achieved this after following this lifestyle

I was on a blood pressure medication for almost 9 years I had taken all kinds of medicines whether it was homeopathy or allopathy, but it wouldn’t go away

started this lifestyle on 1st September

My weight has come down, my blood pressure medicines are gone I’m on no medication at this point in time and am perfectly healthy

My challenges with BP – are regular headaches. Whenever I had excess work or walked a lot, I couldn’t breathe properly

So I started following the lifestyle. After about 15 days of following this, it became 127/82 and within 3-3.5 weeks

it just started to go further southwards

I said – “Okay, no medications!” I put them in a box because my readings were perfectly okay

Comparing where I used to be to where I am today, it’s a 180-degree transformation I’ve been suffering from a high BP and high cholesterol problem for the past 8-9 years

Within 1.5 months, my blood pressure came down to 110/70

Even with medication, I could never get it down to that level

Before this lifestyle, my systolic blood pressure was 140 and diastolic was 100 that too with medication

Whenever I used to get angry, my BP would shoot up to 180/140.

After following this lifestyle, my current diastolic blood pressure is 80, and systolic is 130-135

I have almost reversed my blood pressure, I can say Within 3-4 months, I got over all my medicines

I was spending about 5000 rupees a month on my medicines. Now it is zero! There was a lot of stress in my life due to which my blood pressure was shooting up

And gradually one day, it was more than 200-250 And on that day, there was a small pain in my vein, which was about to burst

if I was not treated in time I was in a coma for almost 3 days

and I spent almost 1.5 months in the ICU At first, I thought nothing was possible in my life

The thing is this lifestyle actually helped me to reduce my weight as well as reverse my disease

Likewise, the headache is completely gone I used to always think that my life is totally dependent on medicines

and I thought my lifestyle would be really short and I will never find happiness

or the peace that I seek from life. But once I started following this, that’s when I realize there is still hope in my life

Now my mind is made up that no matter how big the big disease is, we don’t require any medication to cure it

They can be naturally cured and reversed I could change my life by following this lifestyle, which I never thought was possible earlier

This lifestyle is the only way and this is extremely, extremely, extremely simple to follow

So if you want to count numbers, don’t count your blood pressure numbers, but count the number of your blood pressure’s final days

The day you were first diagnosed with high BP, there is a fear sitting in the back of your mind

the fear of suddenly fainting, it will disappear forever. Your headache will be a history

You will never experience breathlessness again. If you have excess weight, it will automatically come down

If you have any other problems along with BP – sugar, thyroid, PCOD, skin problem, hair problems,

you’ll be able to reverse it as well You will be full of energy throughout the day. You will be able to live your life without medicines and live fully

All these people also started their journey watching a post just like you, but they all followed this lifestyle religiously

So please watch this post till the end, because we’ll be sharing the exact plan they followed to say goodbye to their BP forever

But until you don’t understand the root cause of your high BP, you’ll never be able to remove the root of the problem

So come let’s understand the root cause of it Did you know your heart is pumping blood every moment so that it reaches every corner of your body and keeps you alive?

Your heart is always pumping blood. It never takes a vacation The pressure that your heart required to pump your blood to every corner of your body,

this pressure is known as blood pressure When our heart requires a lot of pressure to pump our blood, we call it high blood pressure

But when does the heart require maximum pressure? When our blood has thickened

If the heart doesn’t apply extra pressure, how will it be able to send your blood to every corner of your body?

No one asks how did our blood get dirty in the first place? When we eat processed, packaged food – poori, paratha, tea, biscuit, namkeen, snacks, and fried food,

then we can’t digest it properly. It gets stuck to our intestines Whatever is stuck to our intestines, they absorb and send to the rest of your body

If there’s waste stuck on them, then it will absorb this waste and send it to the rest of your body

Then this waste, these toxins start polluting your blood and make it heavy and thick

which forces your poor heart to put a lot of effort to pump this blood

Actually, it’s not blood pressure, but high food pressure Understand this. Pumping this heavy blood is like heavy weight lifting for your heart

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this heart sitting inside you is always busy pumping blood

And of course, when we overwork any of our organs, they will leave us early

and that’s why Nature is showing us today that the people who suffer from BP for a long time,

they gradually go on to develop heart disease, stroke, and heart failure for sure

We don’t want to scare you. We just want that you and your family never have to face a day like that

There’s only way to get rid of the root cause of this disease – to cleanse your blood

That means removing the waste stuck inside our body

Now you may be thinking – “But we’re simply getting by with one pill in the morning and one in the evening.”

So why clean our bodies? Come, let’s understand if your medicines are good or not. Should you take them or not?

Look – your medicine may do a good job of getting you the numbers you want on a machine but they can’t fix your BP from inside. They only work on the surface level

If you know anyone who has cured their BP by taking medication, please tell us in the comments below

You won’t find a single person. They’ll keep taking medicines their whole life. Forget curing the disease, it will go on increasing

Imagine you’re having a meeting in your room. Suddenly, the screams of your crying child start coming from the other room

You run and call your friend and request her to take care of your child for some time

After some time, you stop hearing the cries of your child and you think everything is okay

As soon as your meeting ends, you go to the other room and are shocked beyond belief

You see that your child’s eyes have become swollen after crying for so long, and he is suffocating

because the one who was responsible for taking care of your child, had gagged him with a cloth to forcibly silence him

Imagine – what did your child really need? Your love and your attention

But in our hurry to stop him from crying, we turned the other way and only gave him more pain instead

Similarly, we treat our heart just like this When it gets tired of pumping waste and cries the tears of blood pressure,

we pressurize it further with medication to silence it It will never be silenced. It keeps crying as long as it beats

Unless we don’t remove the root cause, the waste stuck inside, the problem will never disappear

Remember one important thing – the key to being BP-free is not medicine management, but cleanliness management

You have the opportunity to free your heart from this burden, to take away the pressure from it, to allow it to beat freely

Take the next step. In the next part of this post, I will be sharing the detailed blood pressure reversal plan with you

But remember – It’s very important to watch this post till the end Don’t just watch the first two parts and close the post

If you walk out with incomplete information, it may prove to be dangerous for you. So do watch this post till the end

and understand the complete solution, and you will see the results not in a few months, not even in a few weeks, but in a few days!

Our solution has two parts – first, we will show you your morning routine and then your food plan

Come let’s start with your morning routine. As soon as you wake up, freshen up

You can have a bath right away if you want Our first step is spiritual activity. Often, we’re told that high blood pressure is caused by stress

But how do eliminate stress from our life? Unless we don’t spend some time in our day to connect with God, we’ll always be stressed by something or the other

You should spend at least half an hour a day on spiritual activity

Whichever Gods you have faith in, remember them You can do scriptural study.

you should leave all other work and devote it exclusively to God

Express your gratitude to Him You may be thinking – “Oh! But how is my BP connected to this?”

There is a connection, a big connection By taking God’s name, serving Him, and gathering knowledge about Him, both our body and mind are purified

When our mind is polluted with toxins that constantly create stress, spiritual activity eliminates these mental toxins

Do it for 30 mins every day After one month, you will see no matter what the situation outside is, you will be completely stable and still inside

The whole day, you will experience another level of happiness in your mind Stress, anger, fear, they will automatically exit your life

The earlier you do your spiritual activity, the easier it will be to do it

So you’ve purified your mind. Now it’s time for your body

The second step of your routine is exercise. If you want to stay healthy, then your body needs movement every day

When we don’t exercise for weeks, our organs start rotting from inside

Without movement, our organs can’t function properly Our body requires some form of exercise every day

For BP, you can do brisk walking – walking outside at a good pace for some time

And the second exercise we recommend is Surya Namaskar Start with 5 Surya Namaskars. In a few weeks, you can increase it slowly

Increase it to 10, then 20 While exercising, remember these few points – first – don’t do any violent exercise when you’re starting your BP routine

that can lead to sudden breathlessness Start with a simple exercise and slowly increase the time

Second point – always end your exercise with Shavasana Shavasana is the time that helps you absorb the benefits of your exercise

It stabilizes your breath Third – as much as possible, exercise in fresh air so that you can get the benefits of both sunlight and air

Instead of exercising in closed gyms, it’s a lot better to exercise in open spaces with fresh air

And the last and final point – an exercise in light, thin cotton clothes. Exercise wearing cotton clothes

Polyester, synthetic, nylon clothes, or very tight clothes should be avoided. They are unable to absorb your sweat

and force it back inside Instead of this, wear white cotton clothes

Come, now you may feel thirsty after your exercise So now it’s time for your morning detox juice. The best option for hypertension is ash gourd juice

Ash gourd looks something like that. It looks grey from the outside and is white inside

It’s very important to remove its peel and seeds Otherwise your juice will taste bitter

After removing them, cut your ash gourd into pieces and juice them If you don’t have a juicer, you can use a blender too

And then drink one glass, which is about 300-400 ml, sip by sip in the morning

You don’t need to add any salt, spices, or lemon to it. Ash gourd juice is highly beneficial for BP patients

because it is a highly detoxifying juice As soon as it enters your body, it soaks up the toxins like a magnet and removes them when it exits your system

That’s why ash gourd juice is great for cleansing your blood

Remember – the cleaner your blood, the lighter it will be. Your heart won’t need to apply a lot of pressure to pump it

You can find ash gourd at your local vegetable market. But if you can’t find it, don’t worry!

You can drink coconut water instead as long as you don’t have any sugar problem

Or take any green vegetable juice – bottle gourd juice, cucumber juice.

If you live outside India, you can have celery juice. So this is our morning detox juice

Now it’s time to take the blessings of the Sun God whose golden rays penetrate hundreds of our skin pores and purify our blood

Our next step is sunbathing. What do we have to do?

Simply expose your entire body to the morning sunlight When should you do it?

You must sunbathe only during the morning or evening hours, not during the harsh afternoon sun.

You can sunbathe 2 hours after sunrise Remember – you need the light of the sun, not the heat of the sun

How long should you do it for? Approximately 30 mins For 15 minutes, expose the front part of your body to sunlight and for the next 15 minutes, expose the back part of your body to sunlight

What should you wear? Minimal clothing. If possible, don’t wear any clothes at all

If it’s too hot, then cover your head with a white cotton cloth

Never apply any sunscreen while sunbathing and always do it in open spaces with fresh air

It’s not as effective when you sunbathe through a glass window To utilize your time effectively, you can do any other work while you’re sunbathing, such as reading a book,

listen to podcasts or lectures, or do pranayama Sunlight is healing medicine for you. When sunlight falls on your skin, it starts becoming a little warm

That time the sunlight penetrates your skin and reaches your blood vessels, and removes the toxins from your blood

Once your blood is cleansed, it becomes lighter and starts flowing properly

The burden on your heart is removed and blood pressure starts normalizing

Sunbathing has plenty of other benefits apart from normalizing your blood pressure By taking sunlight, our mind is happy, stress disappears, and the virus and fungus in our body are eliminated

increases our immunity, clears our skin, strengthens our bones

So do expose your body to sunlight for some time every day

Now we’ve finished our spiritual activity, exercise, morning detox juice, and sunbathing, all 4 steps

Now it’s time for the last 2 steps of your morning routine Come let’s move on to the next step of our hypertension reversal plan, and that is the wet pack

This step is very important for reducing hypertension It looks quite simple, but its effect is very powerful

So what is a wet pack? And what do we have to do? Take a white cotton cloth and fold it into a long strip around 10 inches wide

Then soak it in cold water and squeeze it. The water should only be as cold as you can comfortably bear

Wrap the wet pack around your abdomen like this and tuck it so that it doesn’t fall off

Your navel should be covered by the wet pack Take another small wet pack about 2 inches wide, soak it in cold water, and apply it to your neck

Take another small wet pack, soak it in cold water, and apply it to your forehead

Remember, all 3 wet packs should be applied together It should be applied for 30-40 mins. You can apply it any time of the day

Just remember not to eat anything when you’re applying it You can do your daily activities while wearing it

When you start following your hypertension reversal plan, you need to apply it twice for the first 3 months

once in the morning and once in the evening after 3 months, you can stop using it and only apply it whenever you need it

Don’t apply wet packs during harsh winters. You can stop using it then and follow all the other steps

What happens when you apply a wet pack? By applying it, you are creating two different temperatures in your body

The parts on which you have applied the wet pack become cold, while the rest of the body is warm it’s Mother Nature’s rule that whenever you create two different temperatures in your body,

the blood circulation increases So wet packs help increase your blood circulation. Due to this, the toxins stuck in your body starts circulating too,

which can then be removed from the body The blood that had become heavy and thick starts becoming clean and light

If your blood is light, then the heart automatically has to exert less pressure to pump it

Blood pressure will surely normalize To make this process easier for you.

You can directly order them from the website Wet packs are very beneficial for headaches as well

Whenever you get a headache, don’t take medicine. Apply a wet pack on your forehead and you will get instant relief

Now the final step of your morning routine is an enema

Do you know where your BP problem begins? In your intestines. Constipation is the mother of all diseases

even high blood pressure If you’re facing high blood pressure today, it means there’s waste stuck in your intestines

So we need to melt the hard coating of our intestines. How? By using enema

Enema is a process you can take by yourself. You don’t need anything else

Buy an enema kit Wash the enema pot first and fill it with 300-400 ml of clean water

The best place to take it is in the bathroom Apply some coconut oil on the tip and keep the pot on a shelf at a height above your waist level

Place a mat on the floor, kneel down and lean forward, and insert the pipe 2 inches into your rectum

Hold the pipe in with one hand so that the water doesn’t spill out Soon, the water from the enema pot will be emptied and fill your intestines

Now remove the pipe and try to hold the water inside as long as you comfortably can, for around 5-7 mins

You can walk around a little while massaging your stomach During this time, the water inside your intestines will start pulling out the toxins

When you finally feel the urge to relieve yourself, then go to the bathroom and you will be surprised to see how much waste, how many toxins were stuck inside your body

It takes only 10 mins to do this process. Maybe some of you are thinking – “It must be so painful!”

But that’s not true at all. There’s no question of pain at all. It is absolutely safe

What’s unsafe is to keep walking around with these toxins sitting inside us

Maybe you may find it difficult in the beginning. But trust us – just try it once

Don’t think too much! “How will I do it? What’s going to happen?” Just try it once. You will find it absolutely normal.

Don’t mix anything in your enema. Just use plain water When should you take an enema? In the morning, right after your natural bowel movement

If you don’t get natural motion easily, then you should definitely take an enema How long should you continue taking an enema? This is a very important point

After starting your Diabetes reversal plan, you should take it for 3 weeks every day in the morning

After 3 weeks, you don’t need to take it every day. You can take it just once a week or whenever you need it

Don’t worry! You won’t become dependent on it Many of you are probably wondering – is it okay if I skip taking an enema?

If I don’t do this and follow all other processes, will it still work? Look – if you really want to reverse high BP, then don’t skip anything. Without an enema, your healing will be is incomplete

To make it easier for you, we have made the enema pot available on the pharmacy

If you wish, you can order it from Amazon this completes our 6-step morning routine

After freshening up in the morning, first, you can spiritually charge yourself Then you can do some exercise to physically charge yourself

Then we will take our detox juice and the blessings of the Sun God And then use wet packs and enemas to remove whatever waste is still stuck inside

You may be thinking – “How can we follow so many things?” Don’t worry! As we proceed further, we will show you how to make all these steps more practical

Right now, just focus on absorbing these steps with an open mind Anyway, out of these 6 steps, you only have to use an enema and wet pack for a short period

Ultimately, there will be only 4 steps, which are very easy to follow Trust us! Now let’s move on to our healthy food plan

There are 2 kinds of foods – blood thickening food – food that makes your blood thick

On the other hand, we have blood-cleansing food – food that purifies our blood and keeps it clean

The first category of blood-thickening food is dead food, which means food that is packaged, bottled, boxed, tinned, and canned

These foods stick to our insides like glue and rot inside, leading to the thickening of our blood

There’s no life in them. It is dead food. How can something that is dead give life to you?

On the other hand, we have living food, which means food that has life is living, such as fruits, vegetables, sprouts, and grains, this is food that we get directly get from Mother Nature

They help pull out the waste stuck inside our body There’s a very simple way to identify dead food – any food that has a TV commercial is not food, but a product

The 2nd category of blood-thickening food is refined food, such as white rice, wheat without the bran, white sugar, oil, and products made with oil, refined flour

All these put a lot of pressure on our hearts and none of these things come directly from Mother Nature

Instead, we must eat wholesome food, such as brown rice, wheat with bran, dates, or jaggery

Now it may be difficult for you to accept what we are about to share

The 3rd category of blood-thickening food is animal-based foods, such as non-veg, milk, and milk products

These foods have a lot of cholesterol, which sticks to the walls of our arteries. They reduce the space in our arteries

which leads to a lot of extra pressure on your heart to pump this blood

Instead of this, you must eat plant-based foods, which come directly from Mother Nature No! It’s not going to be boring at all!

We’ve made substitutes for all your favorite foods. You can find these details on our Website

Instead of dairy milk, you can have coconut milk. Instead of dairy cheese, you can have nut cheese

We have shared the plant-based versions of everything from chhaas to ice-cream

The final category of mucus-creating food is water-poor food, which means food that has no juice,

such as a lot of grains, pulses, rajma, chickpeas, dry fruits

Instead, have water-rich foods – foods that have a lot of water in them, such as juices, fruits, and vegetables

You may be thinking – “Yes! We eat water-rich food already” But if we ask you what you actually eat, you tell us – “First we have a cup of tea, then for breakfast, we have some bread

or poha. For lunch, we have 2 rotis and dal. For dinner, we have some roti or rice

Tell us – do you think this diet is acidic or alkaline?

It’s completely acidic! Acidic food thickens our blood. How will we not fall ill then?

Our diet should be 80% alkaline or water-rich and only 20% acidic or water-poor.

How should you follow it? We will tell you how to achieve this in detail in some time Understand that the fiber in water-rich foods works like a natural scrubber inside your body and pulls out the toxins

This completes our 4 laws Now you may be thinking – “Oh! Then what can we eat?”

Come, let’s discuss your new food plan In the morning, start your day with fresh vegetable juice – ash gourd juice or coconut water, or any fresh vegetable juice

About 2 hours after your detox juice, have your breakfast For breakfast, you can have a plate full of your favorite fruit

If you eat one fruit at a time, you will get the maximum benefit But if you’re not satisfied, you can also mix 2-3 fruits. No problem!

Eat fruits that grow in your country and are seasonal

Seasonal fruits are always cheaper too For lunch, you can have your grain meal, but remember – have less grain and more vegetables

We recommend a special type of chapatti Instead of being made entirely from flour, it is made using 50% flour and 50% vegetables

You can make chapattis from any vegetable – cucumber, beetroot, spinach, bottled gourd, carrot

Our chapattis are followed by our sabzi. Now the sabzi we recommend is one of a kind too

Instead of adding oil, we add grated coconut kernel Instead of adding spices, we add herbs

I have prepared a separate post to explain how to prepare chapatti and sabzi

You can watch that post on the website after finishing reading this post If you eat one roti, then you should eat 2 bowls of vegetables

If you eat two rotis, then you should eat 4 bowls of vegetables Have less grain and more vegetables

One more thing – have only one grain at a time

Don’t mix 2-3 grains at one time. Instead of dal-roti, have sabzi-roti. Instead of dal-rice, have sabzi-rice

Multi-grain flour is totally useless. Mother Nature didn’t give it to us this way Rajma, chana, chhola should be avoided. At least until you have fully recovered from your problems

For dinner, you can have soup or salad. If you want, you can also switch your lunch and dinner

Now you may be thinking – this is so different from what I’ve been doing so far. Yes, of course, it’s different

If you keep doing the things you have always been doing, then how will you reverse your hypertension problems?

But don’t worry. Very soon, you will start enjoying this routine

Many of us think that our stress is caused by BP. Remember one thing – your food determines your state of mind

When you start eating healthy food, you start inheriting balance qualities as well

as happiness, compassion, love, bliss, self-control, fearlessness, purity

On the other hand, food that is full of spices, stale, rotten food, non-veg, meat, eggs, tea, and coffee, they are Rajasik (foods that often provoke mental restlessness) and Tamasik foods (These foods are considered to be highly harmful to the body, mind, and soul.)

and they create ego, anxiety, anger, impatience, fear, depression, laziness, and tiredness within us

If we keep consuming Rajasik and Tamasik foods, then heart disease, stroke, and heart attacks are not that far away

The nature of this food is to create disease. Our job is to bring out the truth in front of you. The choice is fully yours!

When you start following this diet plan, keep another important point in mind – 16-hour fasting

When we go to the doctor, they often give us blood-thinning medication But did you know Mother Nature has given us a natural way to thin our blood?

This process is called fasting And the easiest way to fast in our modern lifestyles is to follow 16-hour fasting

How should we do 16-hour fasting? Simply, if you have dinner at 7 pm, then have your next solid meal only at 11 am the next day

If you have dinner at 6 pm, then have it at 10 am the next day Basically, you must give a 16-hour break to your body every day. It’s not as tricky as u think

Because you will be sleeping through the majority of these 16 hours Why should you do 16 hour fasting? Because your body can do only one thing properly at a time –

either digest your food or clean the waste in your blood

When we keep eating the whole day, then our body is busy with digestion 24 hours a day

It doesn’t get any time to clean When you give a 16-hour break to your body every day, then your body is able to stop digestion and start cleaning

By fasting for 16 hours every day, the waste that has been stuck inside for years starts leaving automatically

blood starts purifying, which makes it lighter. The heart doesn’t need to exert extra pressure to pump it. BP starts reversing

I have said so many things above. I know you must be having a lot of questions on your mind

Come let’s answer them now

First question – how long will it take to reverse my BP? Look – if you religiously follow the morning routine and Balanced food plan,

I can say that your BP readings will normalize within 21 days based on our experiences

But it takes almost 3 months to remove the root cause and fully reverse the disease It’s possible that some of you may reverse it sooner and some may take more time.

It depends on how long you have been suffering from it Another essential thing – when you start following this path,

it’s possible you may get a cold, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or cough

If it happens, then know that the path you’re on is working. Cold, cough, fever, diarrhea, and vomiting are detox symptoms

They are ways to eliminate the waste from your body. Don’t worry! They should be celebrated

If they don’t arise, then how will the waste come out of our body Don’t suppress them by taking medicines. What should you do when these detox symptoms arise?

For 1-2 days, do full fasting – liquids only, no solid foods for the whole day

You should definitely use enemas and wet packs to boost the cleansing process of your body

2nd question – I’ve heard that high BP is a hereditary problem. How will I reverse it then?

Look – we believe that almost 99% of diseases that are considered hereditary are not hereditary at all

It’s obvious that if a child eats whatever food his parents eat, then he will suffer from the same diseases that they have

The people who shared their healing stories were able to reverse their BP despite a history of it in their family

What does this mean? Our BP is in our hands, not in the hands of our genes

3rd question – how do we leave our medication? Look – when you start following this lifestyle, your BP readings will start normalizing automatically

There won’t be any need for medication because the work that your medicines were doing artificially is being done naturally by your food and lifestyle

So as your blood pressure levels start going down, you can start reducing your medicine dose accordingly

We recommend you consult your doctors before adjusting your dosage

We can confidently say that if you religiously follow this lifestyle, you will be able to live a medicine-free and disease-free life for sure

4th question – how do I follow this plan when I’m traveling? When you go outside or travel, then it’s possible you may not be able to follow the routine 100%

But you can still follow at least 70% of the routine for that time Spiritual practice is something you can do in any corner of the world

If you can’t spare 30 mins, then at least spend 5-10 mins remembering God or studying the Vedas

Exercise – you can always find a way to do it. If you can’t do it in sunlight, no problem. You can still do it indoors

Sunbathing – do it as long as it is possible for you. In case it is too cloudy, you can skip it for that day

Enema is something you only need to do in the first 3 weeks of starting the plan After that, you should take it only when you need it

If you’re traveling in those first 3 weeks, then you can take the enema pot with you Wet pack is also something you need to apply every day only for the first 3 months

and you can easily travel with it Now comes the matter of following your food plan. Even if you end up traveling 2-3 days a month,

then just follow this one principle – one-grain meal a day You can eat whatever you get for that meal. The rest of the day, you can consume fruits, vegetables, and juices

And 16-hour fasting is something you can do in any corner of the world No more waiting! We want you to keep your hand over your heart and promise yourself

that you won’t give it any more pain Please share this post with all those who are suffering from this problem

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