Side Effects of Lipstick Every Woman Must Know

Side Effects of Lipstick Every Woman Must Know

During her lifetime, a woman eats 1.5 kg of lipstick if she uses it everyday.

Here’s what ends up not on her lips, but also inside of her:

•Wax – Paraffin accumulates in the liver, kidneys and lymph glands.

•Vaseline – Dries the skin of your lips.

•Lanolin – Disrupts the work of the stomach and intestine.

•Synthetic coloring’s

•Carmine – Can cause skin irritation or allergies.


•Mica and Silica – Those produce the glimmering effect, but can cause skin irritation.

•Synthetic analogues: – Iron and titanium oxide.

•Preservatives – Disrupt the work of the internal organs.

•Aromatizers – Can cause strong allergic reactions.

•Aroma agents – Raise blood pressure and cause migraines.

•Advice – Use lipstick with more natural ingredients.

Instead of lipstick, use lip balm more often. It’s colorless, and therefore less harmful.

Try to brush your teeth more often.

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