Natural Treatment For Thinning Hair

Some of the causes that result in thinning hair are- poor lifestyle habits, genetic factors, and suffering from certain medical conditions.

Thinning hair is a condition in which an individual suffers from minor to moderate loss and not complete baldness. An individual has light hair growth in some patches.

Fortunately, proper natural treatment can help curb the thinning of the hair at an appropriate time. Here is some natural treatment that you can try at home.

Ways To Restore Hair Without Surgery

What Are Some Natural Treatments That Can Prevent Thinning of Hair?

Massaging the Scalp

This is the easiest trick to preventing hair loss. This is an age-old remedy that has been practiced for centuries by our forefathers. Massaging the scalp doesn’t necessarily mean only when oiling but it can also be done while shampooing the hair. Apply pressure with the fingertips around the scalp as it promotes blood flow.


Eggs are rich in protein which is an important factor for growing healthy strong, thick hair. The other components of egg such as sulfur, selenium, iodine, zinc, and phosphorus can also help in hair growth making it an effective natural remedy for increasing hair loss. Make an egg mask by beating one egg and one teaspoon of olive oil and honey. Apply it from the root to the tips for 20 minutes. After this, wash it off properly with a mild shampoo. Try this twice a week for the next three months and see the difference for yourself.

Essential oils

The oils which are extracted directly from the sap of certain plants are known as essential oils. Essential oils such as lavender oil, rosemary, and thyme oil can help people suffering from male pattern baldness. However, essential oils should be mixed with a carrier oil and then applied.

Olive oil

Rich in omega-3 acids and other nutrients, olive oil is one of the essential oils that enhances health including hair health. The oil when applied directly to the scalp promotes thicker hair. Another thing to consider is that olive oil softens the hair and alleviates dryness on the scalp. Massage the scalp thoroughly and leave it for 30-45 minutes. After this, rinse the oil with a mild shampoo.

Having a healthy nutrition

Eat a nutritious diet that includes protein, healthy fats, and a wide range of vitamins that can curb the receding hairline. Here are some food items that you should eat regularly-
Eggs as it is rich in protein and fatty acids
Nuts such as walnuts, almonds which are natural sources of fatty acids
Fishes that are rich in healthy fats
Spinach, carrots, and oats are good sources of zinc, iron, and fiber
Greek yogurt that is rich in protein

Aloe vera

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera is good for the skin as well as the scalp. You can apply the gel of the aloe vera leaf directly to the hair and scalp which promotes hair strengthening and thickening over time. Or else, you can also put aloe oil and massage the scalp thoroughly. There are some products that have aloe as the main ingredient. This also improves the texture of the hair and makes it more lengthy.

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Multivitamins are an essential part of maintaining healthy hair. People with malnourished or certain eating disorders are unable to generate new hair follicles. To ensure proper hair growth, you need to take iron, folic acid, and zinc.


Commonly known as vitamin B-7 is a nutrient that is easily soluble in water. It can be found in nuts, liver, and lentils. You can take these food items in your daily diet as well as take biotin supplements. The biotin digests the enzymes in the body and ensures better absorption.

Castor oil

Castor oil is a rich source of vitamin E and fatty acids. Both these are important to promote hair growth. Similar to other oils, massage the scalp with the oil for 20 minutes and rinse it out thoroughly.

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Avocado is another fruit that is a good source of vitamin E. It moisturizes the scalp effectively. Prepare an avocado rub by combining 1 avocado with 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Then apply it thoroughly over the scalp. Let it sit for 30 minutes and wash it off thoroughly with a mild shampoo.

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How To Reduce Hair Fall At Home?
Diet and exercise

Nothing can beat the benefits of eating a nutritious diet. The right nutrients including vitamins and minerals from the right food items can keep the hair strong and shiny. Along with a balanced diet, it is equally important to exercise on a daily basis.

Conditioner and Shampoo

On the basis of the scalp, it is important to choose the right shampoo and conditioner. While buying shampoo, check that it is not loaded with chemicals such as paraben or silicone that make the scalp dry and the roots brittle. In addition to this, do not over-wash the hair or the dryness can lead to hair loss.

Chemical treatments

Putting the hair under continuous chemical treatments like straightening, perming and coloring can damage the hair. Also, using hair dryers or curling rods on wet hair can make the hair follicles weak. Hence, try to avoid chemical treatments as much as possible. If you want to dry the hair, use the hairdryer at the lowest setting.


This is one of the most important tips to consider to reduce hair loss. It not only improves blood circulation in the scalp but also nourishes the roots of the hair. Massage your scalp twice a week overnight and wash it off with mild shampoo.

Restrict Using Styling Products

Using various styling products that are too rich in chemicals can cause damage to the hair in the long run. These chemicals damage the roots of the scalp and cause hair loss in the later stages of life. Hence, instead of using chemical products, it is best to try homemade products that are more natural.

How To Take Care of Hair At Home?

There are some habits that we practice regularly carelessly not giving a thought that these habits can contribute to hair fall. Here is a list of tips that can promote healthy hair growth and make it more lustrous.

Trim regularly

The hair tips often get damaged due to pollution or improper care. The split ends of the hair need to be chopped off to promote hair growth. Hence, it is advised to trim the tips every six to eight weeks.

Avoid stress

Stress adds extra pressure to the scalp. The added pressure makes the roots of the hair weak hence, combing the hair results in hair fall. It also leads to premature greying of the hair and curbs hair growth. Thus, try to reduce stress by regularly meditating and practicing yoga.

Avoid taking hot showers

Hot water dehydrates the skin. Hence, taking hot showers leads to dehydration of the scalp and the scalp lacks any natural oil. The hair follicles become dry and become easily breakable. In winter, try to wash the hair with lukewarm water rather than absolutely hot water.

Don’t comb wet hair

Combing wet hair-Natural-Treatment-To-Try-For-Thinning-Hair

When the scalp is wet, the hair follicles are more fragile and can break easily. Let it air-dry first and then comb with a wide-toothed comb.

Don’t tie hair tightly

Hairstyles that make the hair too tight from the roots can cause damage. Thus, tie the hair but make sure it is not too tight.


Proper natural treatment can help to prevent thinning of hair considerably. However, this natural treatment can cause some severe side effects while some natural treatments can cause an allergic reaction.

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