Simple Weight Loss Tips For PCOS / Thyroid

Weight Loss with PCOS and Hypothyroid can be a Struggle and It does not need any Crash Diets or Rigorous Exercises to do the Job, but Rather simple Sustainable Lifestyle Changes.

Eat Smaller Meals Frequently– Insulin resistance In PCOS and The Slow metabolism with the thyroid makes it difficult for us to lose weight. Our usual diet requires us to eat 3 large meals, but that causes Blood Sugar Spikes. Instead Smaller frequent Meals make it easier for us to maintain Constant Blood Sugars and Also a healthy Digestion.

Follow the Healthy Plate Rule– While eating make sure that 1/2 of your plate is filled with Fruits and Veggies, 1/4 with Complex Carbs, 1/4th with Proteins, and also add a probiotic  This Ensures you get enough Fibres and also are providing your body with a balanced Nutrition.

Avoid Added Sugars– Especially from Packaged foods and Sweets.

Chew Your Food Slowly– It takes our mind 20 mins to realize our stomach is Full, hence making sure you chew your food properly prevents overeating.

Have an evening Snack– Evenings are the time we tend to munch on a lot of unhealthy foods, hence making sure that we have healthier options at hand makes it easier for us to make better choices.

The only way to Loose weight is to maintain a Calorie Deficit, hence making sure that you eat right and Burn your Calories through Working out is Important.

Always Rooting for your health and Wellness.

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