Natural Ways of Reducing Facial Hair (Hirsutism)

Unwanted facial hair in women can definitely become a cause of concern and affects a woman’s confidence to quite an extent.

Facial hair can be due to various causes from our genetics, and the use of steroids to hormonal imbalances caused by PCOS.

Like every health issue, if we are looking for long-term solutions we need to address the issue internally and externally to make sure we are aiming for holistic healing.

PCOS causes increased levels of androgen hormones like testosterone which cause the growth of unwanted hair.
When it comes to unwanted facial hair, the one thing that’s important is to not look for quick fixes because these solutions wouldn’t last very long. We rather need to work on correcting the root of the problem so that we can get rid of the issue for good.

Include Flax and Fenugreek seeds in your diet

Fenugreek is an amazing medicinal herb that helps with reducing the levels of testosterone in our bodies naturally.
All you need to do is soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight and drink that water in the morning.
Flax seeds contain lignans that bind with the hormone testosterone in our body thus reducing the hormone naturally.
Including 2tbsp of flax seeds in our diet daily is important. you can either have it directly or add it to your meals, salads, smoothies, etc.

Walnuts and Almonds

These are high in polyunsaturated fatty acids and reduce testosterone levels, not only this but they also boost levels of SHBG with is a hormone that binds to the testosterone hormone thus reducing their androgenic effects.
So soak a few almonds and walnuts in water overnight to improve their absorption in the body and have them in the morning empty stomach.

Cinnamon and Spearmint tea

Both of these have been shown to have anti-androgenic effects and have proven quite beneficial for women with PCOS.
2 cups of either of these teas daily would help you with naturally reducing your testosterone level and in turn reducing your facial hair.


Lower vitamin d has been linked to lower levels of estradiol in women and high levels of testosterone, hence maintaining our adequate vitamin D levels is very important. since vitamin d is made by our body from exposure to the sun,
if you don’t sunbathe or step out that often, you need to start with vitamin d supplementation with recommendations from your health care professional.

Mg has innumerable benefits for our body and is also an important nutrient for balancing our hormones. It increases the levels of LH, reduces testosterone levels, and helps with managing PCOS. Foods rich in mg include nuts and seeds, legumes, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, avocados, dark chocolate, etc.

Exercise Regularly

Exercising for an hour at least 3 times a week reduces testosterone levels by 29% over a period of 3 times a week reduces testosterone levels by 29% over a period of 3 months.
Thus regular exercising is necessary- choose an activity of your choice- walking, jogging, HIIT, slow weighted exercises, yoga, pilates, etc. but make sure you move your body.

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