Reduce PCOS Bloating

There’s nothing worse than feeling bloated-

5 ways to reduce PCOS bloating-

1. Cut Back on Salt- When you cut back on sugar to improve insulin resistance that comes with PCOS, your salt intake may go up unknowingly to add some flavor. Excess sodium causes your body to hold on to more water to maintain blood sodium concentrations at a healthy level. It’s a good idea to cut back on salt if you’re experiencing uncomfortable PCOS bloating. Instead, try to flavor your food with herbs and spices like parsley, basil, rosemary, mint, thyme, cinnamon, and ginger.

2. Am up your intake of fresh fruits-Many fruits and vegetables act as natural diuretics. Since most bloating is caused by water retention, eating such fresh fruits and vegetables can help.

3. Drink spearmint tea-We already know that spearmint tea helps to manage testosterone levels The other advantage is that it helps with digestive disturbances and bloating. Probiotics help to balance flora that lives in your gut and will help to alleviate bloating.

4. Level up your potassium intake-Potassium helps to regulate the fluid balance in our bodies. Foods that are rich in potassium include bananas, cantaloupe, mangoes, spinach, tomatoes, nuts, and asparagus. Just be aware of the carb content and glycaemic loads of these foods.

5.) Try some gentle exercises- When you are bloated up, rigorous exercises sound even more uncomfortable. Isn’t it. Try gentle exercises like walking, jogging, swimming, yoga, etc to lose some excess water relieving the bloat.

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