Berberine Natural Treatment Reduce Testosterone in PCOS Women’s

Berberine is a natural herbal supplement made from a chemical compound that naturally occurs in the roots and bark of a wide variety of plants. It’s the primary active compound in a plant known as Rhizoma coptidis, which has been used to treat inflammation and bacterial infections in traditional Chinese medicine practices for centuries.

There is also a good deal of research done into its benefits for women with PCOS, there have currently been around 225 different studies (of varying quality) looking into berberine and PCOS. For example, analysis for 5 studies found that berberine reduced visceral body fat, even in the absence of weight loss, and insulin sensitivity was improved similar to metformin. The researchers noted:

“Berberine in women with PCOS also improved the insulin resistance in theca cells, thanks to an increase of the expression of Glut-4 in ovaries with an improvement of the ovulation rate per cycle; so, berberine is also effective on fertility and live birth rates in women affected by PCOS”.

Berberine significantly reduced total testosterone and free androgen index levels as well as increased levels of SHBG in 3 months of use.

The effective daily dosage seems to be around 500mg but, dosages up to 1,000mg or even 1,500mg have been taken in studies. Although berberine is often taken by women who are trying to become pregnant, as it’s known to help, it should be avoided by women who are currently pregnant or breastfeeding.

Berberine helps to reverse insulin resistance in those with PCOS. Helping to reduce testosterone, improve menstrual cycle regularity, ovulation rates, and can help lead to weight loss.

As it’s a supplement you do not require a prescription but, if ever in doubt, always just have a chat with your health care professional first.

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