Understand Metabolism And Hormones

Understand Metabolism And Hormones


Breaks down glycogen (stored glucose) for Energy; Mobilizes fat for energy forms sugar from fats and proteins


Mobilizes fat for energy forms sugar from fats and proteins breaks down protein for energy


Enhance HDL blood levels stimulates female pattern of fat deposit


Hunger hormone regulates appetite, increases weight lack of sleep


Breaks down glycogen (stored glucose) for energy forms sugar from fats and proteins

Growth Hormone

Stimulates amino acid, uptake stimulates protein synthesis, breaks down fats for energy forms sugars from fats and proteins


Lowers blood sugar levels, Catalyzes oxidation of glucose into ATP (energy), helps convert glucose to glycosen. Converts glucose to fat, stimulates amino acid uptake and protein synthesis in muscle


Satiety hormone, Regulates appetite


Stimulates protein synthesis

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  1. Hamza says...

    Wow this post is really helpful

  2. Fatima says...

    My gynecologist told be my hormone is imbalance but I don’t know which hormone after say this post I get to know Estrogen is less for me thnks a lot

  3. Rumaisa says...

    : I have regular appetite 🙁 thnks for post its helpful

  4. Winnieta says...

    I think I suffer from insulin thank you for post

  5. Ayesha says...

    From your post I got to know there have so many different types of hormone really wonderful post

  6. Yashfini says...

    Wow all your post are excellent I’m waiting for your next post pal

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