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If you and your partner are experiencing fertility issues, know that you’re not alone. Infertility is more common than you might think. It affects about one in every six couples, and about one in every three cases is due to fertility problems in the male partner alone.

While infertility is not always treatable, there are some things you can do to boost your chances of conceiving. Fertility can sometimes be improved with a healthy diet, supplements, and other lifestyle strategies.

Some of the main lifestyle factors, foods, nutrients, and supplements that have been associated with improved fertility in men. Infertility can have multiple causes and may depend on genetics, general health, fitness, diseases, and dietary contaminants. Additionally, a healthy lifestyle and diet are important. Some foods and nutrients are associated with greater fertility benefits than others.

Exercise Regularly

Besides being good for your general health, exercising regularly can boost testosterone levels and improve fertility.

Men who exercise regularly have higher testosterone levels and better semen quality than inactive men. However, you should avoid too much exercise, as it may have the opposite effect and potentially reduce testosterone levels. Getting the right amount of zinc can minimize this risk


Infertile men showed that taking 1,000-mg vitamin C supplements twice a day for up to 2 months increased sperm motility by 92% and sperm count by more than 100%. It also reduced the proportion of deformed sperm cells by 55%.

Minimize stress and Relax

Stress may reduce your sexual satisfaction and impair your fertility. Prolonged stress raises levels of cortisol, which has strong negative effects on testosterone. When cortisol goes up, testosterone levels tend to go down. Stress management can be as simple as taking a walk in nature, meditating, exercising, or spending time with friends.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D can be important for male and female fertility. It’s another nutrient that may boost testosterone levels.

Foods fortified with vitamin D, like some dairy products, orange juice, soy milk, and cereals, Beef liver, Cheese, Egg yolks, Fatty fish, like tuna, mackerel, and salmon.

vitamin-D-deficient men were more likely to have low testosterone levels. Taking 3,000 IU of vitamin D3 every day for 1 year increased their testosterone levels by around 25%. High vitamin D levels are linked to greater sperm motility, but the evidence is inconsistent.


Zinc is an essential mineral found in high amounts in animal foods, such as meat, fish, eggs, and shellfish. Getting enough zinc is one of the cornerstones of male fertility. low zinc status or deficiency is associated with low testosterone levels, poor sperm quality, and an increased risk of male infertility.

Dry fruits will increase the sperm count of men, must be included in the diet

Some dry fruits prove to be very useful in increasing the sperm count of men. So let’s try to know that consumption of dry fruits can increase sperm count.

Men’s Health: Men have to follow all kinds of tips to increase sperm count or some men are dependent on medicines when the problem increases, but do you know that by keeping some things in mind, you can easily increase sperm count. can be extended. For this, you have to fix your diet first. Some dry fruits are very beneficial for you. There are three such dry fruits, by which men can increase their sperm count. So let’s know which dry fruits are those.

Figs can also increase sperm count for men

Apart from this, the sperm count also increases with figs. However, you have to consume it well otherwise you will not get its benefits. It is believed that the consumption of figs improves the fertility of men. Let us tell you that figs are considered to be the most nutritious dry fruit loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Maca root

Taking maca root supplements may improve libido, as well as fertility and sexual performance. Taking 1.75 grams of maca root powder every day for 3 months also increased sperm count and motility in healthy men.


Raisins are also very useful for men. It will also be easily available in the market. Raisins are made by drying grapes, but they are considered to be more nutritious and beneficial than grapes. The amount of vitamin A in raisins is very good, due to which it is beneficial in all the problems of men. By consuming raisins daily, the sperm count of men increases and the quality of sperm also improves.

After eating soaked raisins. drinking lukewarm milk on it increases sperm and reduces weakness.

Men should eat 10 raisins at this time, disappointment will go away, and benefits will surprise
  • Consumption of raisins helps in increasing the sperm count. Honey and raisins have many such properties, which improve sperm quality. That’s why you can consume both of these together.
  • Raisins are counted in the category of Testosterone Boosting Foods. It is such a hormone, which works to remove the sexual problems of men.
  • Through calcium, both our bones and teeth remain healthy. Calcium is found in abundance in raisins. Eat 10 raisins daily.
  • An adequate amount of fiber must also reach the body for better digestion and raisin raisins are rich in fiber. Therefore it enhances the digestive power.

The right time to eat
raisins, keep 10 raisins soaked in water every night. Then eat on an empty stomach in the morning.


Dates are rich in amino acids, which are known to increase sexual stamina it can boost erotic needs and satisfaction have 2-3 dates with hot milk every night before going to bed.

Dates are such a dry fruit, by consuming which sperm count can be increased. Actually, dates contain two major compounds called estradiol and flavonoids, which make them beneficial for men. It is believed that dates are eaten all over the world to cure male fertility. Its consumption also increases the stamina of men.

Dry Dates

Dates increase strength and stamina in men, this hormone increases,

Dry dates Benefits  Elderly elders must be often heard saying that eat milk, curd, ghee, and almonds,  Dry dates only then there will be strength in the body. Now we know the many benefits of milk, curd, ghee, and almonds too, but do you know the benefits of dry dates. This superfood increases stamina amazingly and removes weakness, provided you know how to eat it properly.

What are the benefits of milk dry dates and chickpeas?

It is said that dry dates have the ability to increase the hormone testosterone. Regular consumption of milk and dates increases virility. It helps in increasing stamina. Boiling chickpeas in milk and consuming it gives great benefits to men. Since there is more glucose and fructose in dry dates. Therefore, it also acts as an energy booster. also improves libido.

Improves your overall health is likely to boost your fertility. Here are tips to boost fertility and sperm count

*Lead a healthy lifestyle.
*Lose excess weight.
*Limit your alcohol intake.
*Get adequate sleep.
*Avoid eating too much soy.


Eating a lot of antioxidant-rich foods, such as walnuts, seems to benefit fertility. Snack on walnut.

Walnuts are packed with nutrients that have been previously linked to healthier sperm — such as omega-3 fatty acids, folate, and antioxidants like vitamin E, zinc, and selenium. These nutrients are known to protect sperm from free-radical damage and maintain the structural integrity of sperm.
Walnuts, that is. Eating 2.5 ounces of walnuts a day a little more than half a cup for 12 weeks improved sperm quality in healthy young men, part of a growing body of evidence that men’s dietary and lifestyle choices might affect their fertility.

Healthy Sperms

Things That kills The Penis

Things That kills Penis

Food for Stamina: Food that brings energy to men

Best Food for Men Energy:  There are many foods that are considered to be very nutritious for men, and have been used since time immemorial. Such foods work to increase the sexual life of men.

Every man aspires to be strong. Enjoy more intimate moments with your partner.  But due to a bad lifestyle and many other reasons, this does not happen. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about such foods, then we will improve your sexual life. Let us tell you that many compounds are found in fruits that are considered very beneficial for men. So let’s know.


Flax seeds are great for energy

Flax seeds work to improve sexual laughter. Omega is found in flax seeds which work to increase libido, apart from this, arginine is found in flax seeds which works to open the veins in the body and correct the blood.

Pumpkin seeds

A good amount of zinc is found in pumpkin seeds. Which works to increase the sex hormones of men. Apart from this, the omega found in pumpkin seeds works to remove prostate cancer. Pumpkin seeds have been used for a long time to increase masculine power.


Pomegranate works to improve the sexual life of men. It contains flavones that correct erection in men. Apart from this, vitamin C found in pomegranate relaxes you and increases stamina. Arginine is also found in pomegranate which relaxes the nerves by going into the body.


It is believed that watermelon acts as Viagra for men. Arginine is found in a good amounts in watermelon, which makes nitroxide in the body, due to which the veins open and the erection is correct. You can also use pomegranate juice.

When it comes to Baby Making, males bring 50% to the table and almost 40% of the cases account for Male Infertility.

The following supplements help improve Sperm count and Motility

1. Zinc- It plays an important role in progressive density, and antioxidant activity and maintains sperm viability and Progression thus improving pregnancy outcomes.

2. Coenzyme Q10 – It is a strong antioxidant and improves sperm concentration and motility.

3. Lysine – It is an amino acid that helps increase sperm count and motility and enhance the strength of Ejaculation.

4. Selenium- It helps with testosterone metabolism and helps in improving sperm motility.

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