Reasons why you are always cold


Some of us are always cold, why this is the case is different for everyone! ⠀

Here are 6 of the reasons that could make you cold all the time!

1. Poor blood circulation, this especially goes for cold feet and hands and the rest of your body is okay. If you are experiencing this it might be your blood circulation. ⠀

2. You’re sleeping too little, not sleeping enough can have a toll on your nervous system and other mechanisms that affect your temperature. ⠀

3. Your thyroid is messing with you, this is just one of the symptoms that come with having a poorly functioning thyroid. ⠀

4. You might have diabetes, you might not realize it but there is a chance that your cold could come from diabetes. If you think this might be the case, go see a doctor!⠀

5. You’re dehydrated, your body consists mostly out of water. This helps to regulate your body temperature, if you are dehydrated you’ll be more sensitive to extreme temperatures. ⠀

6. Not enough iron. Iron is key to your red blood cells and they carry oxygen through your body. Without enough iron, they can’t do their job properly. ⠀

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  1. Umar says...

    Nice and useful

  2. Nazima says...

    Yes I have I m feeling always cold

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