Can Sex Make You Slimmer?

Did You Know You Could Lose Fat Between The Sheets?

Can Sex Make You Slimmer?

Yes really can fuck your way to fat loss.

Have you ever wondered how many calories you burn in the bedroom?

Which of these positions do you think burns the most calories?

The average calorie expenditure during sex was 3.1 calories per minute for women, and 4.2 for men.


Now, I’m not going to speculate on how long your sessions usually last, but you can do the maths on how many calories that would add up to for you.


But do different positions really affect how much you burn?


Well here’s the thing – just like all exercise the higher the intensity, and the longer the duration, the more you’re going to burn.


The more active you are during your sessions, the more calories you’re going to burn, and the bigger the impact it’s going to have on your fat loss.


So essentially, how many calories you burn between the sheets is down to how hard you’re working.


Engaging in different sex positions will engage different muscles and can increase resistance during your workout.


Trying new positions with added resistance could also help improve your flexibility and mobility, help tone muscles, and increase stamina all while spicing things up for you and your partner.


And if things don’t go quite to plan when you try a new position… well at least you’ll be able to have a good laugh about it instead.


We’re looking for busy women who want to:


Lose 5-10lbs (2.2-4.5kg) per month

Improve their confidence and self-esteem

Build healthy habits that will last a lifetime

Become 1 of the 70 clients we enroll each month to achieve fat loss for the final time


Best Positions to get slimmer under the sheets


Doggy style


For him: 145 calories

For her: 69 calories


Sixty Nine


For him: 78calories

For her: 111calories


Legs up


For him: 127 calories

For her: 116 calories


Reverse Cowgirl


For him: 48 calories

For her: 137 calories




For him: 148 calories

For her: 139 calories




For him: 48 calories

For her: 139 calories




For him: 198 calories

For her: 145calories


Kneeling Wheelbarrow


For him: 167 calories

For her: 149 calories


The Butter Churner


For him: 211 calories

For her: 179 calories


The Squat

For him: 50 calories

For her: 188 calories


So these are just estimated calories burned.


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