Benefits of Boxing Kickboxing

Not just for self-defense.

Not only is kickboxing a great way to practice self-defense, but it’s a great way to enhance your fitness levels, Tone your body, Boost your confidence levels, Relieve stress, and burn some mega calories all at the same time! On average a person can burn between 300 – 444 calories in just 30 minutes. So go on, get those gloves on and get moving! Both boxing and kickboxing provide a total body workout that is guaranteed to make you not just physically stronger but also aerobically fitter.

Mindfulness can be defined as:

Being in a state of present-moment awareness

Boxing and kickboxing are both so challenging that it is difficult to think about anything else, so you are forced to be in the moment.

Strength and Powder

Boxing and kickboxing can help increase your muscular power by learning how to increase either the force of your punches and kicks [achieved by using focus mitts and reactive drills].

Researches from the University of Copenhagen observed a 17% increase in the upper body strength following a training program that focused on heavy bag punching techniques.


Boxing and kickboxing training also incorporates many of the research-proven benefits of high-intensity training which is well known for its ability to increase cardiovascular fitness. And five weeks of kickboxing training can increase aerobic fitness by 13%.

Cognitive Benefits

Cognitively, boxing, and kickboxing training requires a significant amount of motor coordination and spatial awareness, which primes key areas of the brain such as somatosensory cortex, primary and secondary motor areas.

Boxing and Kickboxing training requires both concentration and focus, which develop important regions of the brain responsible for attention.

Core strength

Punching and kicking techniques require the muscles of the upper and lower body to transmit force from the ground up. This transfer of force is known as kinetic linking and this is where many core strengthening effects take place when undertaking boxing or kickboxing training.


Boxing and kickboxing training is a great way to increase flexibility. Flexibility is the amount of movement available in a joint or a group of joints. Boxing and kickboxing require both static and dynamic flexibility to perform many of the explosive punching and kicking techniques.

Ready to get fit and start your boxing and kickboxing.

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