PCOS 3 Awesome Tips to Reduce High Male Androgens


Two main drivers of symptoms in PCOS are insulin resistance and high male androgens. These also work together and impact each other to amplify their respective negative effects.

The result?

💥Uncontrollable hair loss/excessive hair growth
💥Infertility due to not being able to ovulate
💥Missing or irregular periods

When I speak to clients and we talk about what they need to do to reduce testosterone we also talk about the fact that the effects of high male androgens are the ones that take the longest to reverse.

So the bottom line is you have to be consistent and patient. VERY patient.

Here I have rounded up my top tips to get you started:
✨Have more protein- especially vegetarians who often have lots of their calories coming from carbs
✨ Practice circadian fasting- research is showing the beneficial effects of fasting according to our circadian rhythm for blood sugar levels
✨ Strength training- increasing muscle mass helps with improving Insulin function which basically reduces signaling to the ovaries reducing endogenous production of male androgens.

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