Dietitian Rafia Farah

Transform Your Health Journey with Dietitian Rafia Farah

Meet Dietitian Rafia Farah, a seasoned nutrition and lifestyle coach with 13 years of experience. Certified by KHDA in UAE, Rafia specializes in holistic wellness, offering expertise in health, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching. With certifications in Ayurveda Nutrition, Naturopathy, and Yoga instruction, Rafia promotes a medicine-free life and specializes in reversing lifestyle diseases such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and more. From weight management to disease reversal, Rafia provides tailored solutions for various health concerns, including hormonal imbalance, PCOD, skin care, and more. Join Rafia’s program to embark on a journey towards optimal health and well-being.

All Certified Courses Done

Child nutrition and cooking from stanford University,

The alkaline diet made easy: lose weight & heal naturally from udemy,

Nutrition management for cancer: during chemotherapy from udemy,

Vegan nutrition health coach certificate from udemy,

Women’s Holistic health coach teacher training course from udemy,

Holistic health and Wellness coaching certificate course from udemy,

Health coaching certificate Holistic Wellness health coach from udemy,

Health and Nutrition life coach certificate (Accredited) from udemy,

Health and Wellness coaching certificate [CPD Accredited] from udemy,

Nutrition and lifestyle in pregnancy from ludwig-maximilians-universitat munchen (LMU),

Food and Health from Stanford University,

Breastfeeding and adequate substitute from ludwig-maximilians-universitat munchen (LMU),

Sustainable diet from unitar UN CC: Learn,

Nutrition course by nutrition steps from cursa,

Personal nutrition course by Shaw academy from cursa,

Ayurvedic diet and nutrition from Arogyam Institute,

Diet Planning course from Arogyam Institute,

Weight Loss Strategies from Alison,

Meal planning, sanitation and therapeutic nutrition from Alison,

Human health diet and nutrition from Alison,

Food as medicine from life gurukal,

Detox from life gurukal,

Health mastery from life gurukal,

Maternal infant young child nutrition from swayam,

Coaching health and Wellness from Alison,

Understanding diabetes management and a balanced diet from Alison,

Hormone health for fitness and exercise from Alison,

Introduction to diet, nutrition and hydration from Alison,

Vegan nutrition: meal planning & Bodybuilding from Alison

Intermittent fasting diet from Alison,

Building muscle and fat loss with a proven workout from Alison,

Advance diet planning & meal prep from Alison,

Diploma in diet planning and meal prep from Alison,

Basics of coaching weight loss from Alison,

Vegan diet healthy lifestyle from Alison,

How to become a healthcare team leader from Alison,

Early childhood effects of digital games from Alison,

Insomnia solutions sleep better from Alison,

Diet and Nutrition Coaching from Alison,
Healthy living from Alison,

Healthpreneur Growth Program from Healthfy Institute

Organ Cleansing Program from Healthfy institute

Advanced Pediatric Nutrition Specialist Program from Healthfy Institute

Basic Blood Report Analysis program from Healthfy Institute

Diet planning skills and strategies program from Healthfy Institute

Adolescent health and well-being A Holistic approach from Swayam

Advance Pediatric Nutrition Specialist Program from Healthfy Institute

Advance Female Nutrition Specialist Program from Healthfy Institute

Clinical Dietetics & Diagnostic Analysis Program from Healthfy Institute

Advanced Diabetes Nutrition Specialist Program from Healthfy Institute

Naturopathy from Healthfy Institute

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