What Is an Ovarian Cyst?

When a baby girl is a fetus, her ovary makes 7 million eggs which only half of that will remain when she is born. When she becomes mature, in every period one egg will be released. Ovarian Cyst is not necessarily a disease as it’s normal for the ovary to create cysts. The ovary makes a follicle every month which is like a cyst and usually mistaken as a cyst. If once the size of these cysts reaches into 3 or 4 cm, it will be a real cyst, otherwise, less than that is normal.

What causes ovary cysts?

Cysts basically appear when the place where we live is humid. The cause of cyst is basically excess coldness, mucus, or phlegm in that specific organ such as ovary, womb, kidney, liver, etc. A simple way to help this issue is to reduce the humidity of your house or where ever you live. You should increase the warmness of the place and let the air circulates more

An ovary cyst is not something serious and scary. It happens due to stress and believing so much value for worthless things and issues. So if they don’t moderate their behaviors even if they take medicine and cure the cysts, it will appear again. Eating chocolate regularly, eating oils and fried foods, eating cold types of foods, drinking cold water, and taking bath during the period are the common reasons for ovary cysts. If they don’t stop their stress and negative thinking, no medicine will work for them.
Whatever the case, the coldness should be removed from the body so that the cysts get melted. The excess weight which is due to excess coldness is also another reason for cysts, thyroid issues, etc.

How to prevent and cure it?

The first step is avoiding the cold type of foods such as fast foods, soda, tea, coffee, dairy products, cold water, sour foods or fruits, junk foods such as chocolates, biscuits, candies and artificial sweeteners, etc

The second step is drinking fennel seed tea every night or even can put the seeds in their rice.

The Third step is Leaves of Senna (Sana Makki) leaves plus dried rose flower make it as tea, one cup in two days.

Forth step is Apply olive or sesame or black seed oil on the belly at nights and keep your back and tummy warm during the day. You can even tie a shawl usually around your belly. This works also for those who have night urination issues. keeping the tummy warm is recommended.

Fifth step Avoids dairy products and animal products for 42 days, the cyst will disappear by itself.

The last advice is to avoid taking a shower when in the period. Avoid Stress and try looking at things positively, that’s the best cure. Following the mentioned steps the cysts will disappear.

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