How to Cure Wasting in Children?

Treating and curing wasting in children requires a comprehensive approach that addresses the underlying causes of malnutrition and provides appropriate medical and nutritional support. Some strategies that can help address wasting in children include:

Nutritional rehabilitation: Providing appropriate nutrition support, including therapeutic foods and/or nutrient-dense supplements, can help restore weight and nutritional status in children with wasting. This should be done in consultation with a healthcare professional.

Medical treatment: Addressing underlying medical conditions, such as infections or other illnesses, can help prevent further weight loss and support recovery.

Addressing underlying social and economic factors: As with stunting, addressing underlying social and economic factors such as poverty, poor sanitation, and lack of access to healthcare and education can help prevent wasting and malnutrition.

Supportive care: Providing supportive care, including counseling for parents and caregivers, can help ensure children receive the care and attention they need to support their recovery.

Overall, addressing wasting in children requires a comprehensive approach that includes nutritional rehabilitation, medical treatment, and addressing underlying social and economic factors. Early detection and treatment are important to prevent long-term health consequences, and healthcare professionals should be consulted for appropriate treatment and management.

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