Here are some benefits of breastfeeding for moms.

Breastfeeding makes moms relax. They sit down, they enjoy their baby, the hormone that’s released is the love hormone. It definitely makes moms more relaxed, and the babies are happier.

They sleep longer, everybody thinks, oh no, if I give formula at night, the baby will sleep longer. That’s just not true.

Breastfed babies have better sleep patterns.

Breastfeeding may put the pause in menopause.

Less uterus bleeding and quicker return to its normal size.

Lactation provides contraception protection.

Faster loss of pregnancy weight.

Breastfeeding saves money a lot of it.

Moms who quit smoking during pregnancy have a decreased risk of picking up that bad habit again.

Long terms benefit from breastfeeding is may include Diabetes, Breast cancer, Ovarian cancer.

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