Why You Gained Weight Overnight

If you step on the scale and see that number go up a few pounds… don’t freak out! It’s not purely fat. It’s mostly water weight!⁣

There are many factors when it comes to your body holding onto more weight (not fat). ⁣

Here are some reasons why your weight is fluctuating day-to-day.⁣

1. Your sleep is suffering. Focus on getting quality sleep. About 7-9 hours a night.⁣

2. You ate a meal high in sodium. Sodium retains water and will make you weigh a bit more.⁣

3. If you drink more water, you will store more weight. Simple as that! Your body is mostly water.⁣

4. You haven’t used the restroom. You could be holding onto some waste that needs to be set free.⁣

5. Your muscles can be sore and fatigued after a tough workout. It’s normal for this to happen after a workout.⁣

6. When you eat more carbohydrates, your body stores it as glycogen. Don’t worry about it. It’s not fat!⁣

7. You ate a big meal last night. If you ate a big meal, you might be holding onto more food in your system. Don’t sweat it. It’s okay!⁣

If you find yourself freaking out about the number on the scale, just know that the number on the scale does not define who you are.⁣

Your body can fluctuate in weight every single day. Many pounds.⁣

It’s not pure fat. You can’t gain multiple pounds of fat overnight. That’s unrealistic!⁣

Just keep focusing on that calorie deficit, high protein, activity, and sleep. You got this!

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