What to Eat? What NOT to Eat?

What to Eat

For the rest of your life, I want you to eat:

• Real food, which means
organic vegetables and fruits, and whole, unrefined grains and
legumes. Aim for abundance and diversity—at least thirty different
types of produce every week.
You can do it! Use this handy checklist to help you increase the
diversity of foods you eat.
1. Apples 2. Artichokes 3. Asparagus 4. Beetroot 5. Bok Choy
6. Broccoli 7. Brussels sprouts 8. Cabbage—red and green
9. Carrots 10. Cauliflower 11. Celery 12. Celery root or
Celeriac 13. Chard 14. Chicory 15. Collard greens 16. Corn 17.
Dandelion greens 18. Dates—soaked 19. Eggplant 20. Endive
21. Fennel 22. Garlic 23. Grapefruit 24. Grapes 25. Green beans
26. Kale—all varieties, cooked only 27. Leek 28. Lettuce—all
varieties except Iceberg 29. Melons 30. Onions 31. Oranges 32.
Parsley 33. Parsnip 34. Peas 35. Peppers—green, red, and
yellow 36. Potatoes—all varieties 37. Pumpkin 38. Radish 39.
Shallot 40. Spinach—cooked only 41. Squash—all varieties 42.
Sweet potato 43. Tomatoes 44. Turnip 45. Watercress 46. Yams
47. Zucchini • Juices made from organic fruits and vegetables.

What NOT to Eat

• Food that has a label on it.
• Food that was prepared in a factory.
• Food that has been contaminated with toxins/pesticides.
• Food that has been heavily processed—frozen, freeze-dried,
deep-fried, preserved, sulfured, packaged, etc.
• Food that has been sitting on a shelf for more than two days, like
packaged crackers, cookies, bread, and cereals.
• Food that is refined, like flour, oils, beverages, etc.
• Food that feels hard to digest, or that just doesn’t feel “right” for
your body.

Anything that leaves you feeling sluggish instead of
energized. (Everyone’s body is slightly different, so pay attention
to how you feel after each meal to see what’s working for you
and what’s not.)

• Foods that you are allergic to or sensitive to.
Give your body one week on this program and then you can try
to reintroduce those foods. Several of my clients overcome their
allergies quickly. Of course, if your allergies are anaphylactic,
please don’t try to reintroduce the foods those foods on this
program. Consult a doctor or allergy specialist before taking any
serious risks.

• Foods that are coated in refined salt, sugar, or oil.
• Foods that have a face or a mother (hint: fish, seafood, or meat).

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