Vaginal Health

Vaginal Health Do’s and Dont’s

It’s so important for women to understand their body better


During heavy flows, you can change your pad more frequently.

Change your pad every 6 hours.

Even if there is no blood, bacteria can build up, causing infection.

Prevent rashes or itching, especially if pad is of poor quality.

Try not to leave your vaginal damp, use toilet paper

Wipe from front to back, always

Prevents bacteria from transferred via the rectum to urethra

It is even better to sleep without undies at night

Wear cotton panties

Cotton allows more air to pass through, so skip the silk

Always change your underwear after working out, even if you don’t shower.


Say no to fancy products for your vagina/ vulva

Don’t use soap inside your vagina

Your vagina is self cleaning; it’s low pH discourages bacteria.

You can use soap to clean your vulva yes that’s different.

Your vagina doesn’t need to smell like rose.

Don’t use scented products down there

Perfumed products can irritate the sensitive skin in your vagina.

Steer clear of very fragrant detergent or sanitary products that disturb pH levels.

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