Top High Sugar Food Items You Must Avoid

Consuming excessive amounts of sugar can have negative effects on your health, including weight gain, increased risk of obesity, diabetes, and dental problems. Here are some high-sugar food items that are commonly best avoided or consumed in moderation:

  1. Sugary Beverages: Soft drinks, fruit juices, energy drinks, sweetened teas, and flavored waters often contain high amounts of added sugars. These beverages can be a significant source of hidden sugars in the diet. Opt for water, unsweetened tea, or homemade fruit-infused water instead.
  2. Candy and Sweets: Candies, chocolates, toffees, caramels, and other sweets are typically high in sugar. These items provide empty calories and can contribute to weight gain and dental issues. Consider healthier alternatives like fresh fruits or homemade snacks.
  3. Sweetened Breakfast Cereals: Many breakfast cereals marketed towards children and adults are loaded with added sugars. Check the nutrition labels and choose cereals with lower sugar content or opt for whole grain options without added sugars.
  4. Pastries and Baked Goods: Pastries, cakes, cookies, doughnuts, and other baked goods often contain high amounts of added sugars. These treats can be enjoyed occasionally but should be limited due to their sugar content.
  5. Flavored Yogurts: Flavored yogurts often have high levels of added sugars. Choose plain or Greek yogurt and add fresh fruits or a drizzle of honey for natural sweetness.
  6. Sweetened Condiments: Some condiments, such as barbecue sauce, ketchup, and sweet chili sauce, can be high in added sugars. Opt for low-sugar or sugar-free versions or use alternatives like mustard or hot sauce.
  7. Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts: Ice cream, sorbets, frozen yogurts, and other frozen desserts tend to be high in sugar. Enjoy these treats in moderation or choose healthier alternatives like homemade fruit popsicles.
  8. Processed Snack Foods: Snack foods like flavored chips, pretzels, cookies, and snack bars often contain significant amounts of added sugars. Look for snacks that are low in sugar or choose healthier options like fresh fruits, vegetables, or unsalted nuts.

Remember to check food labels for added sugars, as they can be listed under various names such as sucrose, glucose, fructose, high-fructose corn syrup, maltose, and more. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends limiting added sugar intake to less than 10% of total daily calorie intake, and ideally, reducing it to less than 5% for additional health benefits.

1. Regular Tea/Coffee

2. Packed fruit juices including the healthiest of juices (Don’t have if it is not home-made)

3. Coke / Thumbs up / 7up / Sprite / Mirinda / Other soft drinks / Sports drinks

4. Malted beverages (Bournvita, Horlicks, Complain)

5. Biscuits

6. Cakes, Pastries, Bakery items

7. Ketchup

8. Bread

9. Chocolates

10. Fruit jams

11. Flavoured yogurt

12. Ready-made protein bars

13. Iced tea

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