Follow These Points to Avoid Bloating Often

With the onset of the winter season and holidays lined up one after the other, one usually tends to indulge in a whole lot of mouth-watering food. People attend weddings, go partying with friends and become a part of various other social gatherings. Now, amidst all this, it’s challenging to stay away from heavy, and greasy food items. Well, overeating frequently and without following any diet plans may cause various health issues including bloating. What exactly is that? Bloating is the sensation of having an overfull stomach. This is mostly linked to gas also. While bloating isn’t that serious, it can leave you feeling really uncomfortable. Have you experienced this? Do you feel too bloated these days?

Experiencing Bloating Often? Avoid These Common Mistakes

Magnesium citrate

In order to avoid constipation, you need to have your magnesium citrate 500 mg every night just before bedtime. Well, this can be one of the biggest reasons why you feel bloated all day. If you can’t eat magnesium citrate or aren’t sure because of its contraindications with other meds, then have 5-6 water-soaked prunes overnight. Your gut will feel fabulous the next day.

Digestive bitters

These are recommended along with your meals. If you aren’t aware of the one that Rashi recommends, then, just have a glass of lemon and water along with your holiday meals. This is to ease digestion. When you don’t have enough HCL in the body, it gets difficult to digest food easily. This problem usually occurs more frequently in this season, when we generally eat what we want and aren’t too careful about our food sensitivities. In this condition, digestive bitters and lemon shots help.

Avoid guilt

Remember that guilt may creep in whenever you eat food. You may not realize this but the feeling of guilt will come in the way of how food gets digested and that will make you feel even worse. Be mindful during such times. It’s hard but find a way to work around these feelings. Acknowledging that I’m feeling a certain way helps me more than just shoving it away and helps me improve my relationship with myself and food,

We hope these tips will come in handy as you try to deal with bloating.

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