A Few Useful Tips On Nutritional Benefits And Your Choice Of Fruits

1) A costly fruit is not always the best fruit nutritionally. For example, guavas are cheaper and have better food value than apples.

2) Amla is a very cheap but rich source of vitamin C which is not destroyed even during storage, cooking, and preservation. Do you know that the vitamin C content of one amla is equal to vitamin C in 6 kgs of apples or grapes.

3) Papaya is a cheap vitamin A-rich fruits. It is available throughout the year. It can be easily grown in the backyard. Still, it is not a popular fruit. There are certain wrong notions and beliefs about it. Some people think it causes heat and irritation, but in fact, papaya is one of the richest sources of vitamin A which is important for the eyes. All persons including pregnant women and children can safely eat papaya.

4) Fruits like Muskmelon (kharbuja), water-melons have low energy value. Therefore, they are suitable for the obese and diabetics.

5) Fruits like apples, pears, and guavas are hard and fibrous. They are beneficial for dental health. They give exercise to the teeth and help to keep them clean. Children should be encouraged to eat raw whole fruits.
Eat apples, pears, guavas, they give exercise to teeth. They keep the teeth clean and strong.

6) Lemons in season are cheap. They are rich in vitamin C. Lemons if taken with a full glass of cold water in the morning and before going to bed prevent constipation.

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